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FOR SALE: 1986 Yamaha FZ600

A Classic FZ600 You Can Own Today

The FZ name holds weight in today’s day and age. The Yamaha FZ-07, FZ-09, and FZ-10 (recently changed to MT-0X) have dominated the naked sports bike market and brought large popularity to this section of bikes through providing a comfortable yet sporty alternative to Yamaha’s more traditional full-fairing street bikes.

All amazing vehicles have humble beginnings, and this 1986 FZ600 is the original motorcycle that brought weight to the FZ name.

This near-perfect specimen has just 4000 miles on the odometer (300 of which were put on by the current owner), featuring a 599cc inline-four engine that revs to 10,500 RPM, married to a 6-speed transmission with a clean Arizona title. 

The bike also features three-spoke wheels sitting in Michelin Pilot Activ tires, dual disks, conventional fork, and a swingarm with a monoshock.

The seat and paint are in perfect condition aside from a small crack and damage location on the lower left fairing. The paint is a beautiful flat white with classic Yamaha FZ red and blue graphics along the fairings.

The most recent owner purchased the motorcycle in 2010, and it has sat with fuel stabilizer for the last decade in storage until today where it is up for auction on with no reserve and 7 days left on the auction.