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LED flashlight Reviews for Motorcycle Use Cases

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Review Summary

Welcome to the wBW Flashlight Reviews index! This page includes a listing of our LED flashlight and other motorcycle work like reviews and garage lighting accessories. Reviews are listed from most recent to oldest.

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Snap-On LED Work Light Review – Reasonably priced work light has rugged build quality and puts out 2,000 lumens of light without heat.

Maxxeon WorkStar 320 Pocket Floodlight Review – Big brother to the original Maxxeon WorkStar 220 Pocket Floodlight, the 320 uses three AAA batteries, which are easier to find at retail. The larger diameter body means a slightly different light pattern that may also be considered a plus.

Fenix HL10 Review – Unique hybrid flashlight in a headlamp body is lightweight, comfortable and very useful. IPX-8 waterproof to 2 meters with a 1 meter impact resistance. Use it as a headlamp or remove the tiny 90-degree flashlight and carry it on a key chain!

Fenix MC11 Angle Head LED Flashlight Review – Rugged build quality and a movable angle head, three brightness levels and an SOS and strobe setting make this an unusually interesting flashlight.

Princeton Tec Impact XL LED Flashlight Review – Is this the perfect toolbox flashlight? Pros: It has smooth, even lighting and it’s tested waterproof to 100 meters. It also has a lifetime warranty and it’s made in the U.S.A. Cons: No switch, the lamp assembly twists to turn it on or off.

FandyFire 3,000 Lumen LED Flashlight Review – Ultra retina-burning flashlight puts out more power than you can use. It’s actually brighter than most motorcycle headlights…and could be used as a spare headlight in an emergency! This thing is a monster, no ifs, ands or buts!

Clearwater 800 Lumen LED Flashlight Review – Even more powerful than the original Clearwater Andie LED flashlight, this upgraded version has 200 more lumens and a low/high switch. Pros: Well made, powerful, comes with extra battery and a charger. Cons: Too much power for a toolbox?

Maxxeon WorkStar 2000 Technician’s Floodlight Review – From the folks who brought you the Pocket Floodlight, the Technician’s Floodlight is a “professional” tool with a moveable head. Puts out a big, wide, even beam of light. Pros: Lots of light, can be positioned in many directions. Cons: Expensive. Kind of big for a toolbox light.

Maxxeon Pocket Floodlight Review – Slightly bigger than a penlight, the Pocket Floodlight puts out an amazing amount of light for its size. Great for a toolbox. Pros: Thin and lightweight. Puts out a lot of light for its size. Cons: Uses three AAAA batteries, which can be a bit difficult to find.

Flexit LED Work Light Review – One of the most unique work lights ever, this is a flat panel covered with small LEDs. It’s unlike anything else out there. Pros: Makes a good conversation piece. Cons: Difficult to position, top heavy and doesn’t put out that much light.

Magnetic Light Mine Quick Look Review – A magnetic ball that looks like a WWII shipping mine. Has an LED light. Very unique and a conversation starter. Pros: Interesting, unique, magnetic. Cons: Doesn’t put out much light. Difficult to get it mounted correctly. Attaches to ferrous metal only.

Clearwater “Andie” LED Flashlight Review – Probably one of the best toolbox flashlights you can buy. Rugged and reliable and comes with an extra battery and a charger. Battery lasts a long time. Pros: Puts out a lot of light. Rugged build takes toolbox abuse. Cons: Expensive.

Bayco Nightstick Review – Interesting hand-held “stick” form factor. Available in different shapes and sizes, with various arrangements of LEDs. Pros: Puts out a wide pattern of light. Cons: Wide pattern isn’t as bright as a focused beam.