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Fashion shows true cost of crashing

Distressed clothing has a high cost

A British road safety campaign highlights how fashionable “distressed” clothing may look good, but has a high cost in motorcycle crashes.

The campaign by the Government-run Highways England, which manages UK main roads, features young shoppers admiring “distressed” clothing.

Instead of the labels showing a monetary price, they show the true cost in terms of injuries and lifestyle effects of motorcycle crashes.

Higher cost

Highways England spokesman Stuart Lovatt says the mental and physical cost of not wearing the right motorcycle gear can be far greater than the financial cost.

“Most young riders will come off their bikes at some point – whether you have popped round the corner for a pint of milk or you are riding further afield to see friends or get to college, you need to be prepared,” he says.

The campaign is aimed at young people who might consider themselves invincible and choose fashion above safety.

ATGATT versus choice

Draggin Jeans boss Grant Mackintosh and his Next Gen jeans injuries cost
Intact Draggin Jeans cut off a crashed rider

While we can understand the desires of riders to choose their own level of protection and, on occasions, choose style and comfort ahead of “All The Gear All The Time” (ATGATT), new safety gear provides comfort and safety.

Gone are the days when riders had to cocoon themselves in stiff leathers and stormtrooper boots to be protected.

Many of today’s motorcycle apparel manufacturers offer jeans, jackets, gloves, boots and helmets that are comfortable, cool, weatherproof and protective.

If riders don’t start taking some responsibility for their own protection, we fear authorities may start to mandate protective clothing as they have done with hi-vis vests for novice riders in Victoria and France.

  • Are you an All The Gear All The Time rider? Leave your comments below.

  1. I have fingerless gloves and an open-face helmet in my wardrobe among many other items so I guess I fail the ATGATT test. I’d probably fail the Turing test as well.

  2. Leather protects much better than fabric
    that’s why racing leathers are made of leather.

    Leather’s cooler than fabric.

    The main improvement to racing safety was made by the removal of dangerous obstructions right on the edge of the track.
    Contrary to what this misleading safety advert says, clothing won’t stop you getting a broken arm.

  3. AGATT for me.
    A full race suit is not appropriate for a slow commute in Queensland heat and humidity. Neither is shorts, t-shirt and thongs.
    On a long distance highway ride, full protection is appropriate, as is hydration and rest.
    Appropriate Gear All The Time.

  4. Wearing fashionable clothing will give you a broken arm – according to this idiot ad.
    No clothing stops a broken arm.
    Clowns masquerading as road safety authorities
    making stuff up & talking thru their bottoms.

  5. Every motorcyclist knows this, this ad’s actually aimed at the general public to turn them off buying a motorcycle.

  6. I believe in freedom of choice but also believe people benefit from being better educated. E.g. percentage of injuries on various parts of the anatomy and most importantly how a person’s life is affected after having some type of injury. I am guessing most motorcyclists become ex-motorcyclists after having a bad crash that stops them riding ….and therefore many riders (especially young, new riders) do not SEE the real effects of an injury. They only see the motorcyclists that are out and about in one piece.

    As an example, I wore what I thought was all the gear (leathers, helmet, back protector etc) BUT I didn’t have knee armour in the leathers (it didn’t come with it). Had I have known how important it was I would have paid for it. Now, seventeen years after a relatively slow speed off on my SECOND day of riding(!) I still have an ACL knee injury that restricts sport and activities and often gives me pain. A minor injury for sure, but whatever the temperature: *proper* ATGATT for me now all the time.

  7. At 77 it’s ATTGATT for me. Padded shorts and knee armour under leathers, turtleback under armoured jacket and hi viz. Full face helmet. Not riding like sissy either.

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