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Evel Knievel stunts recreated on Indian Scout

Travis Pastrana FTR750 Evel Knievel stunts recreated on Indian FTR1200
Travis on his FTR750

American stunt rider Travis Pastrana will attempt to recreate three of Evel Knievel’s most famous stunts, including the Caesars Palace fountain jump, on an Indian Scout FTR750, not on traditional Triumph or Harley motorbikes as he originally planned in March. 

Indian Motorcycle has seized a great promotional opportunity by providing Travis with the FTR750 for the stunts.

This is surely the clearest indication yet that Indian Motorcycle will offer a mass-production FTR1200, maybe as soon as this northern summer.

Indian Motorcycle Scout FTR1200 - learner bike coming? Travis Pastrana FTR750 Evel Knievel stunts recreated on Indian FTR1200

Scouting for stunts

The Scout FTR1200 flat tracker was unveiled as a prototype at the EICMA motorcycle show in November 2017, but there has been no confirmation yet of a production version.

Now Travis will ride the fat track racer version at his “Evel Live” event on July 8 in Las Vegas.

The event will be broadcast live by the History Channel in the US. At this stage there are no plans for either History or A&E channels in Australia to take this special.

Travis will start by attempting to recreate Evel’s 1967 jump over the 43m-wide Caesars Palace fountain.

He was going to perform the stunt on a 650cc Triumph T120 Bonneville which really would have been quite a feat.

Travis Pastrana recreates Evel Knievel stuntsTravis’s usual stunt bike is a 500cc, two-stroke hybrid Suzuki/Honda called “RM-Zilla”.

It has sophisticated fully-adjustable suspension, thick 49mm forks and 309mm of travel

Travis Pastrana recreates Evel Knievel stunts
Travis Pastrana on RM-Zilla

The FTR750 is powered by a  liquid-cooled 748cc V-twin and available in race form for $US44,900.

It features sophisticated, fully adjustable Öhlins 43mm forks with 114mm (4.5″) of travel and Ohlins monoshock with 127mm (5″) of travel.

By comparison, Evel’s T120 had non-adjustable cartridge forks and twin shocks with 119mm of travel at both ends.

Evel actually failed to land the Triumph safely in that jump and he suffered a crushed pelvis and femur, broken hip, wrist, and both ankles, plus a concussion.

More Travis stunts

Later on July 8, Travis will ride the FTR1200 in a recreation of Evel’s jump over 50 cars and 14 buses on a Harley-Davidson XR750 which became Evel’s trademark stunt bike.

Travis Pastrana recreates Evel Knievel stunts
Evel jumps 14 buses in 1972

Is it any wonder Evel had a record 433 broken bones in his career?

Travis, aged 35, is also no stranger to danger. The professional motocross racer, 17-time X Games winner and multi-world-record-holder has had 32 major surgeries.

History Channel spokesman says the three-hour live show will include interviews with Evel’s family and archive footage of the daredevil in action.

  1. Hello, my husband and I have already booked a hotel to go and watch Travis make these jumps. We own an Indian Chieftain and are huge fans of the bike and of his. I never had the pleasure of meeting any of the Knievel’s but my Grandfather Lou Brown and Grandma Wilma would talk about them when they would come and pick me up twice a year the beginning of summer and the end of summer. They would stop on their way to/from Quartzite, AZ and play cards and visit with Emma and Evil. I have been a huge fan and watched as much on TV as I could and even wrote a report on them in High School as I was fascinated by their jumping abilities and scared to death at the same time. 🙂 My question to you guys is, is there any tickets that will be sold to go to either event (the Fountain jump & the two later on that same day) or is it just show up and pick a seat? I have been unable to find out any information but maybe it is still too early and I am just overly eager. I am excited to see some of the Knievel’s stunts in person even though it is not them but a part of their Legacy. Thank you very much for taking the time to read my comment and question.

    1. Hi Robin,
      I wouldn’t thin it would be too early.
      Try Nitro Circus or keep an eye on Travis’s Facebook page. Links to both in the article.
      How would you like to be our eyewitness at the event and send me some photos and comments as it happens!?

      1. Hello Mark,
        I have scoured Nitro Circus & Travis’s Facebook page once again but no specifics. I did call Caesars directly and sent them an email per their request as it is still in the works and final details are currently being worked on.
        I would love to be an eyewitness for you and would be happy to send you some photos and comments before, during and after, once I catch my breath. Please give me a parameter or specifics if you have them that you are looking for. Otherwise, I will just do my best and be me and try hard to balance my phone’s camera and my normal camera that I will also be taking pictures with. I am a picture taker and always looking for different points of view as well as capture what is going on around depending on the situation. My husband will be with me so maybe I can get him to help me out a little. 🙂 We will have to make a game plan on what is the easiest and most effective way to submit them to you to use as you see fit. Will I be able to get some credit for my stuff if you use any of it?
        Kind Regards,

        1. Hi Robin,
          Of course you’ll get photo credits!
          It’s up to you whaat you send. Just want to know how many turn up and whether he successfully does the jumps.
          Don’t take too long to catch your breath – news has to be new!

          1. Hello Mark,

            Sounds good. Be in touch as it gets closer and I’ll see what I can do for ya!! 🙂

  2. I too am a huge fan of evels and with the up most respect, I also will be staying at Planet Hollywood, to watch Travis Patranas jump, is there any vip passes for purchase/

    1. I have yet to find any available to purchase. It’s a free event and we could have had pit passes but we missed it by a day as my husband had to be in Salt Lake the day they did some filming around Vegas last month for this event with Indian riders. If you participated you got pit passes. Anyhow, we plan on being there early tomorrow to get a look on how everything is being set up and to make a game plan for the best possible viewing. 🙂

  3. Hi Mark,
    Just checking in for tomorrows events for Travis. What’s the best and easiest way for me to get you pics and comments? I do not see options to attach photos and this for would take a bit more time as I have to fill it out each time I comment. 🙂

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