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Energica Introduces #MyElectric Academy

Energica Event

Learn to Love Electrics

Do you really like the idea of an electric motorcycle? How do you feel about Italy? So, you like them both, huh? Okay, that’s good because Energica will offer the #MyElectric Academy at the Modena Circuit in Italy. The company is offering a course to riders to learn from some of the best out there.

The Academy days are May 31st and June 23rd. The head coach at the event will be Alessandro “Branna” Brannetti. He is Energica’s head tester and knows the ins and outs of these bikes well. If you want anyone showing you how to make the most of Energica’s bikes, it’s him.

Your day will start with an informal welcoming period over coffee, where the organizers will also make sure you have the proper credentials. From there, you’ll go through theoretical testing. Then you’ll take a lunch break and head to out to the track. Once there, you’ll do some practical training exercises, and then it’s the fun part. You get to do track sessions with Brannetti and then a few hot laps. There will be a short reception to wrap up.

The cost of the event is right at about $1,100. As a bonus, Energica will also give you the cost of the event towards a new bike if you buy within 30 days of attending. That sounds like a pretty good deal to me. Check out the event’s website for more info.