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Electric drag race goes ho-hummmm

Drag race Tesla Model 3 and Zero SR/F InsideEVs Italia
All images: InsideEVs Italia

There is no doubt that electric vehicles are fast with 100% of torque available from go, but this drag race between a Tesla Model 3 Performance and Zero SR/F is all a bit ho-hummm.

Pointless drag race

Apart from the lack of earth-shattering noise usually associated with a drag race, it’s a pretty pointless exercise.

We’re note sure why InsideEVs Italia chose the Tesla Model 3 and Zero SR/F.

They’re not even the world’s fastest electric car and bike.

That honour goes to Tesla’s Roadster and the Lightning LS-218. That might have been a better match-uo for drag race.

Lightning LS-218
Lightning LS-218

Check out the tech specs comparison below for the Model 3 and SR/F.

Zero pulled out of Australia a couple of years ago, before the SR/F was released. So we have quoted prices of both in Europe.

If you really are enthused about straight-line drag speeds, you can see you get a lot more bang (or whirring whistle) for your buck from an electric motorcycle. 

Mind you, the same goes for a traditional motorcycle over a conventional car!

Tesla Model 3 Zero SR / F
Power 383kW 82kW
Torque 640Nm 190Nm
Weight 1,860 kg 220kg
Range about 500 km about 320 km
Battery capacity 75kWh 14.4kWh
Top speed 261km/h 200km/h
Price about $A103,000 about $A34,000