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Dunlop’s New Mutant Tires Are Built To Take On All Terrains

Mutant DNA

You probably saw the thumbnail image for this article before clicking and said to yourself, “what the hell is going on with the tread pattern on those tires?”. Well, Dunlop took their new tire to Bruce Banner’s lab and he shoved it in the microwave with the frog to mutate this tire into something we’ve never seen before; and now it has the scales to prove it. Jokes aside, Dunlop’s new Mutant tires are here and built for any terrain or riding condition.

The scaley tread pattern found on these new donuts are specifically designed to evacuate as much water and mud as possible when flying through the rain or other “unattractive” terrains. Dunlop is marketing these crazy tires as “four-season” wheels, so the only way to back up that claim is through how they perform in said conditions.

Beyond the strange tread, these tires feature a high silica compound that is perfectly tailored to colder weather conditions when your tires are begging to find a source of heat to provide you with the grip you need.

They also have received a jointless belt construction in addition to the Apex sidewall treatment to produce a more robust tire that holds its form under g-forces from stopping or taking corners at high speeds.

The Dunlop Mutant tires will be available in a multitude of different sizes and widths to fit well over 250 US-based motorcycle models.