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Ducati’s New Multistrada V4 Will Make 170 HP

Ducati V4 teaser

Powerful and Lightweight

Recently I reported on the fact that Ducati was making a V4 engine that’s lighter than its V2 engine. At the same time, the company said it would be leaking out more information ahead of the official reveal of the engine. Well, the next bit of information is out. The V4 engine will make 170 hp. 

The official hint that Ducati shared was this: “The power is smooth… and thrilling on demand.” It was then revealed on the company’s Italian website that the upcoming Multistrada V4, which will have this new engine, will make 170 hp.

There will be far more information about the upcoming Multistrada and the V4 engine housed in the frame. The company will reveal things as the month moves forward. Then on October 15, the motorcycle will be revealed in full and all of the juicy details about the engine will come out.

This new engine should not be an addition to the lineup and be sold next to the 950 or 1260. It will actually replace both of them. It makes sense. The motorcycle will be lightweight and manageable like the 950, but it should also have all the grunt and power than the 1260 has. It’s should really be the best of both worlds.