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Ducati Is About to Begin Superleggera V4 Production


Ready to Go

In case you haven’t heard, Ducati is back in action and working to get back to full capacity. Claudio Domenicali, the company’s CEO tweeted that it has been three weeks since the company restarted production and general facility activities, and in that tweet, he also showcased a pre-production Superleggera and said it’s ready to move to its final quality check.

“No other road homologated bike is even close: 224 hp for 159 Kg dry weight. a real dream for any passionate biker!” Domenicali wrote. Once the final quality check is done, the company will begin production of the motorcycle, starting with the limited run of 500 units that will be the special carbon chassis Superleggera V4.

According to, Domenicali also said that the very first of the production Superlegger V4s will be on the production line this week on May 21. The CEO also said that the company will be putting out 100 Streetfighter V4s each day by the end of the month, which is also good news.

It seems that things are moving right along for Ducati, and I’m glad to see the Italian company back in action and doing good things after the COVID-19 pandemic’s devastating impacts in the country.