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Ducati GT1000 Fairing

Fitting a Monster Fairing to a Ducati GT1000

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I saw a monster fairing fitted to a Gt1000 at the Corbin seats web site (here) and it looks great. Tried the same with items sourced in Australia.

Thought I might pass on these notes in case someone else out there thought of doing the same.

The carbon fibre fairing and screen was purchased from Racecon Products (Australia) and I made some fittings to suit.

Before picture of bike below, just in case you haven’t seen one!

Ducati GT1000

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Made a bracket first to fit under the headlight mounts. Used a sheet of 1.5mm aluminium I had in the shed and jig-sawed out the following shape, it looks like this:

Fairing Dimensions

Bend over the ends as per following picture and fit under the headlight mount:

Metal Brackets for Fairing Mount

Fairing Mount Close-up

Mount the fairing to suit the best look and mark/drill some 5mm holes for the screws. I used some 5 mm x 10 mm long Allen screws with self locking nuts, just to stay with the Dukes style, purchased from Bunnings. I did have to remove some of the carbon bits with a cutting disc on a Dremel.

Fairing Mount Side View

Next, I made a couple of uprights from 12mm ali tubing and bent the ends to suit the bracket and the screen mount screws. If I did this again, I would try some 6mm stainless solid rod. Might be a better look.

Mounting Brackets

Fairing Mounting Brackets

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Drill some holes to suit the 5 mm screws (photo above).

Put the uprights in as per the following photo:

Fairing Brackets Mounted

And this is what you end up with (Until the next project). And I’m real happy with it!

Ducati GT1000 With Monster Fairing

GT1000 Front View

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