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Ducati Calls the Multistrada V4 the Granturismo

Ducati V4 teaser

A New Name for a Special Bike

Ducati revealed yet another detail about its V4 engine that will be on the new version of the Multistrada. The bike is to have the same firing order as other Ducati V4 engines but be tuned for touring rather than sport riding. This new detail also comes with an interesting development, a new name.

Ducati has chosen to call this motorcycle the Granturismo. This makes sense. The bike is built on the Multistrada platform, but with all the new technology and the new engine, the bike is thoroughly different.

All of the engine details are now out. Ducati had what it called four theorems, and those have been released. Now we will get to see all of the details soon. Ducati is supposed to reveal the new engine tomorrow. 

When it does we will be able to get a sense as to what the motorcycle is really all about. Until now, there was just a lot of speculation with a few informed guesses. No matter what is to come, the new Granturismo shouldn’t be an impressive machine. Get excited for tomorrow.