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Druid Motorcycles Shows Off Hybrid and Electric Bikes

Druid Motorcycles sorcerer
Image from Druid Motorcycles

Another Player to the EV Market

Add Druid Motorcycles to the list of companies that make electric bikes. Well, Druid makes an electric bike and a hybrid one. Other than some seriously obnoxious branding and the fact that the company is way too proud of its name, I’m pretty pumped about these bikes.

There are two of them, the Druid Sorcerer Hybrid and the Druid Sorcerer XEV. As you can probably figure out, the hybrid has both electric power and power from a gasoline engine whereas the XEV gets just electric power. Despite how you feel about the current wave of electric bikes, Druid offers some things that are truly unique.

The first is its variable-geometry frames made of 3D printed graphene. There’s also drive computers that use artificial intelligence, continuous cloud connectivity, and something called the Druid Prophet platform—artificial intelligence seems to be this company’s main concern.

Aside from that info, there isn’t much other than some intoxicating horsepower numbers. Druid claims the hybrid bike makes 230 hp from an AC electric motor and a 2 cylinder gas motor. It has a 14 kWh battery. The gas and electric combo are good for 200 miles of range. The all-electric bike manages 150 hp, according to the company, and there’s no mention of range.

Druid wants to start accepting pre-orders in May of this year. That said, can’t find anything about the actual price of the bike. I also can’t find any other specs or info on its technology. I have no doubt there’s some cool stuff here, but Druid will have to give us the details before I believe too many of its claims.