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Draggin stylin’ up with Revz jeans

Revz jeans are the latest protective pants from Draggin Jeans who are celebrating 20 years of being a part of Australian motorcycle culture.

The classic-style men’s jeans are part of Draggin’s Next-Gen range which won the Australian company a “best of the best” award this year in the inaugural Motorcycle Brand Contest run by the German Design Council.

Revz feature the usual RooMoto protection layer made of knitted Kevlar and Dyneema. The material offers race-level protection of 7.45 seconds of road abrasion.

They are also made with a stretch blue denim featuring a silicone coating. Draggin claims this mix of materials ensures the jeans mould to your body shape.

“Over time they will age and develop their own unique creases and curves,” they say.

A bit like our own bodies!Draggin Revz jeans

They come with a “sports liner” to draw away sweat in summer and keep riders warm in winter.

I have found the soft RooMoto lining in other Draggin jeans a bit too hot and scratchy for my skin in a Queensland summer. Hopefully, this lining makes them cooler and more comfortable.also have a “sports liner” to draw away sweat in summer and keep riders warm in winter.  

Revz come without CE armour, but have hip and knee pockets sewn in if you want to buy and fit protection.

The fit of these jeans is low at the waist for style, but high at the back so you don’t show your butt crack while riding and don’t expose skin to abrasion if you come off.

They are a slim leg design to go inside your boots, but also enough stretch to slip over the top of them.

Revz cost $319 each and come in sizes 32-40-inch waist. They will also soon be available in sizes 28, 30, 42 and 44.Draggin Revz jeans

History of protection

Draggin began producing DuPont Kevlar jeans in 1997 and continues to use the material, despite a number of alternative fabrics now available.

Well known for its use in military and law enforcement protective clothing, Kevlar is a key component in body armour and flak jackets helping to protect personnel from ballistic projectiles, explosive fragmentation and other combat hazards.

It is five times stronger than steel on an equal-weight basis, yet is lightweight and comfortable enough to help improve mobility and reduce fatigue.

Company found Grant Mackintosh famously put his hide on the line several years ago by being dragged along the Calder Raceway asphalt in his jeans to prove that they actually worked.

He also crashed earlier this year and suffered serious injuries, but no abrasion, thanks to his Draggin jeans.