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DR650 Rear Swingarm Stand

The Budget Adventure Tourer

Review Summary

This will be a quick report, just to let DR650 owners that the original Steel Horse swingarm stand I reviewed back in 2006 also fits the DR650.

The saddles on the stand adjust for width, so I brought them in a notch and it fits the width of the dual swingarm on the DR650.

I was surprised that it works actually, because I initially figured the stand would be too wide for the bike.

I’m not sure if other stands will fit, but the Steel Horse version has the adjustable saddles, which do the trick.

When the folks at Steel Horse read this article, they wrote to let me know that the newer URR505 rear stand will also work on the DR650.

And after I tried it, I realized it works even better than the original for this bike.

The URR505 stand has a completely different type of adjustable system to hold the swingarm. It consists of two rubber-covered “pegs” that fit under the swingarm.

For the DR650, I adjusted the pegs about 80% of the way in and tightened the bolt.

This allows the pegs to be located much farther forward on the swingarm than is possible with the original Steel Horse rear stand and the result is better access to the axle and chain adjustment parts.

The URR505 also seems to have more depth to the “U”, which means that the stand doesn’t interfere with the rear tire when the stand is pushed down.

A rear stand is a real help when you’re working on the bike and I’ve used the Steel Horse version for many years, so I’m glad this is working. I use it all the time when I’m installing new accessories or fettling the bike.

I also tried the Acebikes SteadyStand Portable front stand (review) with the DR650, but the front tire is too narrow at 90 mm for the stand to hold it correctly.

It’s the black portable stand shown in the photos in that review, not the silver-colored stand that bolts to a trailer.

Next time I have the trailer out of storage, I’ll see if the Acebikes SteadyStand with the adjustable wheel clamp will hold the front tire of the DR650.

Here are a couple of photos showing the DR650SE on the old Steel Horse rear stand in the garage and more photos of the DR650 on the URR505 stand below.

I’m assuming that the swingarm dimensions are the same for all DR650’s, so this stand should work. It does have the adjustment feature to give it about 3″ of play in either direction.

The rear tips of the DR650 swingarm have a plate welded underneath as part of the chain adjustment system, so I have to be careful about where the saddles are located when I go to lift the bike. But so far, no problems

DR650 Rear Stand Rear View

DR650 Rear Stand Two Views

Steel Horse URR505 Stand Photos Below

Steel Horse URR505 Rear Stand

Steel Horse URR505 Rear Stand - Close-up of Peg

Steel Horse URR505 Rear Stand Side View Suzuki DR650SE Blog Home

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