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Fine risk for removing helmet visor stickers

Helmet visor protector

Riders run the risk of a fine if they remove the helmet visor protective film under the controversial ruling last week by a Victorian Magistrate, says a helmet law expert.

Australian Motorcycle Council helmet chairman Guy Stanford says the verdict to uphold a fine against a motorcyclist for wearing a helmet camera also has bizarre implications for motorcyclists, cyclists and even mums with babies in their cars.


“The Victorian decision was on the basis that ‘approved’ means ‘compliant’,” he says.

“That means none of the labels may be removed, not even those on the protective film across the visor. The same applies to bicycle helmets and also to child restraints.”

He says the Magistrate’s verdict that the helmet must continue to comply after sale means all of these products approved by Australian Standards must continue to comply with the same requirements as when offered for sale.

Not all states have the same interpretation of the standards, but Guy describes the Victorian situation as “idiocy”.

Child restraints caught out by helmet laws
Put your kids in a box!

According to the Victorian Ruling, Guys says the literal wording for the child restraint standard means you would have to put a child in a restraint then put the child restraint and the child into a single package.

“I guess that we will see the Victorian coppers lining up at day-care centres and schools,” he says.

“More tickets to write there in one spot than spending hours rounding up isolated riders. They must be rubbing their hands with glee!”

He says cyclists will also have similar problems to motorcyclists after the verdict.

“No more anti-magpie zip-ties, no more lights or cameras on helmets. It’ll be a State Revenue windfall.

Cyclist helmet laws
Zip ties would be banned under the Victorian verdict

“The Victorian Parliament appears happy to allow an unelected legislature in the form of a committee at Standards Australia to write law for Victoria.

“VicRoads, through privately owned stickers, gives regulatory protection to these products. It’s a great arrangement for profits all round.

“We’re forced to comply with the sales requirements of a private document of a private company or get expensive fines and loss of license points.

“Who is actually running Victoria? All we see is policed market control that costs us money and removes choices.”

The defendant in the Victorian case is yet to decide whether he will appeal the decision, but the Independent Riders Group has pledged financial and moral support if he does.

Meanwhile, he says the NSW Roads and Maritime Services is testing helmets to see if there is any increased injury risk from a mounted camera.

GoPro helmet camera
GoPro camera

“They have done a fair bit and we know the generalities, but no results have been made public,” Guy says.

“With the current Victorian idiocy, they are keeping quiet. So would I.”

  1. If you go by the logic of the magistrate you can’t ever comply because once strapped on there is a very large far in excess of five millimetres protrusion coming out the bottom of the helmet. So if you wish to comply you’ll need to remove your head before riding

  2. Any chance that the clowns behind these laws can be deported somewhere? Surely somewhere in the middle of nowhere needs a new village idiot?

  3. Don’t forget that while you ride, you’ll have to leave the instruction book and swingtags hanging from the strap also!

    1. When are we going to “opt” to take all matters to court, which is OUR right to bejudged by a panel of peers… clog the courts and send a message the current laws are of no value and its time to discuss a new direction .

  4. It is time for every motorcyclist in every State to write to the relevant State Minister requesting a copy of the AS/NZS 1698-2006 standard riders are expected to abide by. A suggested form of words is below


    Could you please provide a copy of the AS/NZS1698-2006 standard specified in the Road Rules so that I may read and understand the law I am expected to abide by. I cannot find a copy of the standard, only the earlier standard which is available on line from the ACCC.

    1. To really drive this home to the police, why not write to the Chief Commissioner asking him to approach the Minister to have the ‘standards’ published online for public information. Once it affects the man at the top, hopefully something will be done.

      Chief Commissioner

      Could you please request the relevant authority to publically provide a copy of the AS/NZS1698-2006 standard specified in the Road Rules so that I, and all other mototcyclists may read and understand the law I am expected to abide by.

      I cannot find a copy of the standard, only the earlier standard which is available on line from the ACCC.

      This information will assist in abiding by the law and not being booked by your traffic police.

  5. I am glad i’m in my 60’s rather than 20’s if this is the crap
    younger riders can look forward to.
    Really this has the hallmarks of a kafka novel rather than
    anything real.
    The mere fact that taxpayers are being forced through
    puerile legalistic mumbo jumbo by an idiot of a magistrate
    and some totally useless minister should be enough to get
    both of them the sack.
    Likewise if the victorian police put half as much interest into
    corruption in their own ranks, as they do worrying about what someone
    sticks to their helmet i am sure they would make the citizens of victoria
    very happy.

  6. so i have a cam that has a elastic strap that can be put around the helmet. it is not ‘fixed’ in any way i wonder if that would still be ileagal?

  7. The wankers running Victoria need to understand that they can’t expect motorcyclists from other states to want to go there with these sorts of things happening, regardless of the MotoGp, WSBK etc.

    I get sick of dealing with this sort of administratum on every level, as the infiltration of the f***wits is almost complete; right throughout the various layers of government down to local councils, and it’s all from people who want to have power over others.

  8. WTF man.this rule does not even make sense lol.did someone from mental asylum make this rule??
    I have always wondered why riders ride semi blind with that sticker on the visor.

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