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Diamond Gusset Motorcycle Jeans Review

Diamond Gusset Jeans Review

Diamond Gusset Motorcycle Jeans
Gusset Motorcycle Jeans Review Summary
Review Summary

Comfortable, nicely tailored and good quality.

Available in many colors and styles.

Extra gusset in crotch makes them more comfortable than regular jeans.

There’s not much that can be said about a pair of motorcycle jeans.

I don’t usually wear jeans for riding, although I seem to be in the minority.

The older I get, the more protection I demand from my riding gear.

I used to think that Cordura and other textile motorcycle clothing was The Answer to all motorcycle riding needs.

It still has its place for sure, especially when the weather turns soggy, but give me a good ol’ pair of thick leather pants (and jacket) any time. I just feel safer wearing some good quality hide.

So I’ve come complete circle in my thinking regarding what to wear when riding. I absolutely, positively cannot believe how many local motorcycle riders I see wearing shorts, a T-shirt and a beanie-style helmet. No gloves either. Insane – totally insane.

Jeans are below minimum requirements for me, but again, I realize I’m in the minority here. I suppose they’re better than shorts, but that’s not saying much…

However, like everyone else, I wear jeans just about everywhere else off the bike. If you’re old enough to remember the ’60’s, jeans were worn tighter than a coat of paint.

I couldn’t do that now, so the trend of the last decade or so towards baggy clothes is like liberation. I can finally feel comfortable in my clothes!

But too baggy is too much once you’re beyond, oh, about 30 or so. Which brings us to these Diamond Gusset jeans. Forget the gusset for a minute – these jeans are cut just right.

Diamond Gusset Jeans Details

They’re soft, broken in right from the start, and fit like they were custom made. And they can be (custom made, that is). Give the company your measurements and they’ll dig through their stock to find a pair that’s exactly right for you or they’ll custom-fit a pair just for you.

And guess what?  They’ve been made in the U.S.A. since 1987.

Remember when jeans were as American as apple pie?  I don’t know how many pairs of jeans Diamond Gusset turns out every year, but they’re probably the only U.S. jeans manufacturer left. Kind of a shame actually…

They’ve also received the Yahoo! Top Service award for excellent customer service. I placed the order for these jeans on the Diamond Gusset website and got an immediate response to my additional questions about fit.

Two days later, I was wearing ’em.

But jeans is jeans, right? What’s so special about these? I mean they’re blue, they’re jeans, and they have slash pockets and a metal zipper.

The secret, and their distinguishing characteristic, is the diamond gusset.

Diamond Gusset jeans

A gusset, according to Webster, is “a usually diamond-shaped or triangular insert in a seam (as of a sleeve, pocketbook, or shoe upper) to provide expansion or reinforcement”.

The gusset in Diamond Gusset jeans is in the crotch.

The jeans have a slightly strange feeling when walking, like there’s some extra material bunching down in the nether regions. Which makes sense, because there is!

It’s relatively unnoticeable, but the gusset makes all the difference when sitting on a motorcycle…or a horse, or even a chair. The gusset provides extra expansion and makes the jeans very comfortable for sitting.

You may think all jeans are comfortable for sitting, but you’ll really notice the difference with these.

If you have to wear jeans for motorcycle riding, these are probably going to be the most comfortable.

Diamond Gusset jeans are available in men’s, women’s, children’s and big sizes, in many styles, including carpenter jeans, shorts, easy fit and more. They’re available in several colors and stone washed or pre-washed, relaxed or natural fit.

The jeans shown here are the regular pre-washed. The prices run from $35.99 up to about $45.99 for the big, big sizes.

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wBW Review: Diamond Gusset Jeans
Manufacturer: Diamond Gusset
List Price (2005): $35.99 and up.
Colors: Black, Blue or Tan
Made In: U.S.A.
Sizes: Varies
Review Date: March 2005
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From “R.M.” (August 2015): “I must be an unusual customer of Diamond Gusset because my experience with their jeans and customer service has been much less than exemplary.

When I purchased my jeans from them they were on sale for $100, plus $10 shipping, making them the most expensive jeans I had ever bought.

At the time I felt it might be a good investment in abrasion resistance with the Kevlar lining and the gusset might make for additional comfort.

In fairly short order my wife commented on how quickly they were fading and my left rear pocket was showing distress lines from my wallet.

As time went on, her criticism became more pronounced as she said they were getting really shabby looking.

Last Thursday evening I took a ride to a local motorcycle dealer for their classic bike show and some folks pointed out that my wallet was now protruding from a corner of the pocket. Sure enough, there was a hole in the bottom corner of the pocket.

Clearly these have been the poorest quality jeans that I have ever purchased, and ironically at the highest price.

I have on two occasions emailed Diamond Gusset and never heard a word back. I even offered to send them back at my cost so that they could see for themselves how poorly they were performing.

Needless to say I cannot support Diamond Gusset quality or customer service and it’s really too bad since they are an American made product, which are nearly impossible to find.

Yet they have not held up as well as my $13.00 jeans at BJ’s Wholesale Club that are made in Mexico.”

Rick’s Reply: We reviewed these jeans back in 2005. believe it or not, I still wear them all the time! Zero problems to report after all that time and lots of wear. So I’d guess they have changed materials or suppliers over time.

From “L.S.”:  “I thought I’d let you know that I just today received my first two pairs of Gusset jeans and all I have to say is “Wow”! I really like the fit and don’t think I’ll ever buy any other jean again. But that’s not the only good news:)

One pair was their regular jeans in a 35/32 which fit perfectly but the other pair was their new “Defender” jeans w/Kevlar and I want to report that I like them WAY better than my Sliders jeans.

I prefer the Gusset fit in the leg over the Sliders but there’s more.

I ordered the same size but in the comment box I asked that the length be a 33 since I would riding a motorcycle. Sure enough, they accommodated me and that extra inch is just enough to keep the jeans from riding up over the boot top.

The other feature I REALLY like is the ankle closure to snug up the pant cuff around my boots. It’s the standard Velcro type but works very well.

When wearing jeans while riding I always use my Bohn armor pants underneath as I feel naked w/o them. But now I am more comfortable because of the gusset and safer because of the Kevlar.

Add in the other features I mentioned above and that makes these jeans a great value in my opinion.”