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Design museum inducts Honda Fireblade SP

Fireblade SP and Honda e
Fireblade SP and Honda e

Honda’s CBR1000RR-R Fireblade SP superbike has been inducted into the prestigious Red Dot Design Museum in Essen, Germany.

It took centre stage along with their electric car, the Honda e, in a “Milestones in Contemporary Design” exhibition, as one of the 76 best products of 2020 and a current marker in international product design.

The CBR1000RR-R Fireblade SP was awarded a Red Dot for outstanding design in the motorcycle category while the Honda e was recently awarded the highest award, the ‘Red Dot: Best of the Best 2020’ for product design.

Red Dot awards

Each year since 1955, the “Red Dot Design Award” has been assigned to the most original and worthy entries in terms of design and innovation.

A jury of 40 international design experts made their selections after evaluating more than 5500 products in a host of categories.

Winners are permitted to display a prestigious Red Dot label on their product.

There are awards in 36 categories including, furniture, watches, electronics, financial services and retail.

Red Dot awards are handed out to many of the entries, but only the cream of the crop receive a Best of the Best.

Companies use the distinction to position their brands and thus highlight their quality and design leadership around the globe.

Earlier this year Ducati Diavel won the company’s third “Best” win in the Red Dot Awards, following the successes of the 1199 Panigale in 2013 and the XDiavel S in 2016.

Fireblade SP judgementFireblade SP

Red Dot CEO Peter Zec says their judges put the superbike through its paces over several days to test its performance, in addition to assessing its functionality and design.

“The Fireblade deserves the Red Dot because the jury liked it very much – and we have really crazy judges that challenged the bike, including a professional racing bike rider,” he says.

“It’s not just good design – it has perfect performance too, which is the main reason why it received the Red Dot.”

In its assessment, the judging panel commended the CBR1000RR-R Fireblade SP for its racing-inspired design, well balanced lines and aerodynamic styling.

Judges also praised the fun experience it delivered and outstanding performance when tested.

Its minimalist frontal area, aggressively angled side fairings and extended lower fairings – plus a variety of apertures, slits and air-channelling shapes – combine to create a best-in-class drag coefficient.

Aerodynamic ‘winglets’ as used on Honda’s MotoGP RC213V racing bike combine eye-catching form with uncompromising function, hugely increasing downforce and stability for ultimate control of the most powerful inline four-cylinder engine Honda has ever made.

Honda e

The electric car received the highest honour as well as an award in the meta-category ‘Smart Products’.

The Honda e is a key part of Honda’s commitment to see all its car model ranges in Europe electrified by 2022.

  1. I have a variety of apertures and air-channelling shapes and nobody ever gave me a design award. I guess slits had to be added to the criteria to make those crazy judges appear woke and inclusive.
    As if 2020 was not weird enough already, a Jap bike gets a design award where styling is also involved.
    I’m not saying the CBR is ugly, but terms like “racing-inspired design, well balanced lines and aerodynamic styling” all appear in some form in just about any Jap sports bike sales brochure made in the last 40 years, regardless of the bike’s cubic capacity, so excuse my cynicism when some Euro-trash in a black turtleneck starts brandishing these brochure writers’ stock-in-trade about like a kid with a lightsabre at Christmas.
    Fuck me, the CBR is just another Jap sports bikes with lines in the paint and lines in the panels firing in all directions like a jungle shootout against a Predator skulking in a tree.
    Contrast that with the Honda car next to it. And since I mention the car, are the Euro-trash judges in their black turtlenecks not old enough to remember what a 80’s Volkswagen Golf looks like? Maybe they are fooled by the edges being filed to a CE approved radius so you don’t cut your hand on it when you wash it. Fuck me…

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