Daytona Bike Week Is Locked And Loaded For 2021 Event

Daytona Bike Week

Despite The Pandemic, Politics As Usual

The Sturgis 2020 motorcycle gathering wasn’t hampered by the global pandemic, and neither will Daytona Bike Week. The 2021 rally is set to continue for its 80th-anniversary meet between March 5th and March 14th.

With a recent rise in cases of COVID-19 related illnesses as of October 2020, organizers of the Daytona Bike Week were concerned as to what the future of the 80th anniversary 2021 event would look like. With so many months of continuous lockdowns and avoiding public spaces, many businesses were ready for the event to bring in some much-needed income and help bear the burden of a year-long blow to their incomes.

Daytona Bike Week 1

It took some negotiation and long talks, but the Daytona Beach City Commission came together last week and gave the official verdict that they would be endorsing the event. The main reason for the commission to pass the verdict was the fact that this would be the 80th anniversary; not just any regular event.

Local bars and eating venues agreed to reduce their total occupancy to 60% of their typical patronage, which the commission hopes will limit the spread of any coronavirus while maintaining an important injection for local businesses to stimulate their profits before things go back to normal. The commission also requested that enhanced sanitization measures would be put in place to keep the bars and restaurants safer to a degree.

Although social distancing is to be enforced, it is reported that many events such as bike shows, races, and swap meets will remain on the schedule. 

The 10-day event will begin on March fifth.