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Davinci Tech: The Self-Balancing Electric Motorcycles That Will Follow You

a view of the DC100 and the DC Classic, under spotlight, likely at a reveal from Davinci Tech

Davinci Tech has just released two electric motorcycles – and one, in particular, has got a few extra toys under the hood.

The new DC Classic, from Davinci Tech - in the spotlight, looking pretty
The DC Classic

According to a report from PRNewswire, the Beijing-based company revealed the DC100 and the exclusive DC Classic on July 17. The bikes’ creations were seven years in the making, with Davinci Tech’s R&D team hailing from 11 different faculties of Tsinghua University.

The journey for the team involved industrial graphic and mechanical structure design, 3D engineering modeling, vehicle control system research, testing, and development – all to make an electric bike that could outperform a standard combustion-powered 1000cc motorcycle.

We are here to say they succeeded in spades.

The new DC Classic, from Davinci Tech - in the spotlight, looking pretty

Here are the general specs of the beasties (the DC 100 in particular, since she’s so pretty).

Both bikes’ batteries come with the option of either a 400.75km range pack (according to the NEDC metric) or a 357.51km pack (according to WLTP). 

a side view of Davinci Tech's new electric Motorbike, the DC100
The DC100

Both electric bikes can also be charged by any level 3 DC fast-charging station, with a full charge taking no longer than 30 minutes to complete. 

If you don’t have one of those handy, simply plug the bike into a normal outlet at home.

These charging successes are apparently due to the motorcycle’s high energy density ternary lithium battery pack, boasting a hefty 17.7kWh of energy.

a grey model of the new DC100, from Davinci Tech - in the spotlight, looking pretty

A self-balancing motorcycle is the big fish of the pond, and Davinci has written that the company’s engineers used electronic power steering – and a six-axis IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) to pull this off for each machine.

With the company promising remote-controlled potential as well as self-riding and target recognition, it’s no wonder that Davinci Tech brags that you can “Imagine your motorcycle as your jogging companion.”

Not sure how useful this would be, though the concept of a remotely controlled and target-following module in everyday life could be quite functional from the groceries’ standpoint. 

a front/side view of the DC100, Davinci's new electric motorbike

The DC100 shows off a single brake lever linked to a system that merges ABS, CBS, and TCS for braking systems.

Both bikes also have a Hill-start Assist Control (HAC). When the brake is released, the HAC moves the bike forward and engages high torque at a low speed to guarantee a smooth start to any ride.

an orange model of the new DC100, from Davinci Tech - in the spotlight, looking pretty  

Apply this concept to a bike riding in reverse, and you’ve got the Reverse Assist. 

The best part about the bikes for me: besides a keyless start, the DC100 features kinetic energy recovery, as well as a battery management system that real-time monitors the battery’s safety. 

Both of Davinci’s creations come with a companion SmartPhone app and will eventually boast remote control, as well as open-source software access. 

a view of the dash of the DC100, courtesy of Davinci Tech

Until then, here’s the rest of the bragging rights, in no particular order:

Top Speed: 200km/h

Peak Power: 135 hp (100.75kW)

Acceleration: 0-100km/h in ‘3.x seconds’

Peak Torque: 627 ft/lb (850Nm)

Suspension: Öhlins

Brakes: Brembo

Tires: Pirelli Diablo Rosso III R17 (120/240)

Ride Modes: Relax, Sports, Race (Official riding training is required to unlock Race mode)

two riders enjoying the DC100, a new electric bike from Davinci Tech
All hail the Electric Bike Era!
Stay safe out there, folks – and head over to Davinci’s website for more information on these new models.