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Damon Motorcycles Stacks Their Roster with Yamaha Designer and Tech Exec

Damon Motorcycles

Damon Motorcycles, an up-and-coming electric motorcycle brand based out of Canada, has just secured the designer responsible for the Yamaha MT-03 and the Aprilia Dorsoduro, Michael Uhlarik as their new Head of Design. According to VisorDown, Damon also landed Doug Penman with notable credentials such as Microsoft, Toyota, and Coca-Cola and he’s been appointed Chief Marketing Officer and VP of Damon Motorcycles.

Damon did an excellent job of building hype, interest, and ultimately a successful pre-sale resulting in $20 million before a finished bike has rolled out of the factory. The pre-sales were secured based on many press photos and a couple of videos showing off Damon’s stylish yet advanced electric motorcycles. If this reminds you of the Tesla Model 3 rollout, that’s because the marketing model was almost identical to each other. 

As of right now, any pre-orders placed now, won’t see a delivery take place until “late 2022” per Damon’s website. Those skeptical about placing orders can now rest easy knowing that Damon Motorcycles has been focusing on the management team just as much as the products they are developing. 

Damon’s model line-up ranges from $17K to $40K – it’s safe to say that they have the range covered in terms of potential buyer reach. Let’s hope deliveries go a bit smoother than Tesla’s Model 3 did a few years ago.