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Crashed rider to donate Indian Chief Vintage

Donate Indian Chief Vintage Max Vulling

A Victorian rider knocked off his BMW by a swinging trailer door is selling his Indian Chief Vintage to donate the proceeds to Epworth Hospital in recognition of the support and care they gave him during his rehabilitation.

Max Vulling says the hospital is part of a not-for-profit group.

“The staff from the cleaners to the doctor/professor we’re all superb and I could not speak highly enough of the care and consideration received from them,” he says. 

Donate Chief VintageDonate Indian Chief Vintage Max Vulling Indian Motorcycle Melbourne dealer principal Roman Peldys

So he has decided to donate his limited-edition Indian Chief Vintage which was one of the original 111 models released in Australia in 2013.

“I had two other BMW bikes, so it was really a ‘trophy’ bike and pure indulgence,” Max says. 

“After four-and-a-bit years I had only done just over 7000 km. It only came out when the weather was good and for short local rides. 

“Rather than sit mostly in a shed under cover I thought it better to realise the funds and see them go where it would make a difference.” 

Indian motorcycles in Elizabeth Street Melbourne has already given Max $20,000 for the bike which has been passed on to Epworth Hospital.

When the bike is sold, Indian Motorcycle Melbourne will donate the extra funds to the hospital.

Donate Indian Chief Vintage Max Vulling
MBW rides a similar Chief Vintage

Max’s crash

The crash happened in the Dandenong Ranges on Saturday, January 20, when Max was riding his BMW K1300S with the Yarra Ranges Ulysseans.

“Rounding a right-hand bend I met a vehicle traveling in the opposite direction towing a trailer. As I passed, a gate swung open on the trailer causing me to swerve off line and crash into a tree. 

“I have zero memory of the whole incident. My memory of that day stops sometime after I left Monbulk on the road to Emerald and picked up sometime after. 

“Apparently the driver of the car stopped and turned around once aware of the incident and assisted police when they arrived.” 

Max was taken to the Royal Melbourne where he was assessed with acquired brain injury and a broken left knee cap and damaged tendons.

He had an operation on his knee the next day and stayed at Royal Melbourne for four more days before being transferred to Epworth where he spent five weeks in rehabilitation. 

  1. This article is very inspiring. I spent several weeks in a rehab hospital after a fall last year, but I do not have a bike to offer. This story has that wow factor. Like “Wow, Max is alive” but there are many other questions.
    There was no mention of the brain injury treatment and Max’s recovery from that? Will the dude ever ride again? Did he return to work again? He looks normal but can he talk?
    Then all the legal issues are omitted. Did the driver get booked? Was Max insured? Did the insurance pay up? or Was it deemed that Max ran off the road with no blame on the driver’s negligence ?
    I know some of these answers may not be uplifting or may be private for Max. I understand and would like some answers, where possible, to know Max is alright and that justice was done. Perhaps we could be teated to a follow up, when the Indian sells and the full donation is made.
    Thank you Max. I hope your story motivates many others too support Rehabilitation Hospitals.
    May your full recovery be swift !
    Dallas C.

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