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Council anti-motorcycle bias slammed

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A UK council’s claims that “motorcyclists are a danger to themselves” and “environmentally unsound, not sustainable, and contribute to air pollution” have been slammed as extreme anti-motorcycle bias.

The anti-motorcycle claims are made in the Oxfordshire County Council’s proposals for its Local Transport and Connectivity Plan.

The British Motorcyclists Federation and Oxfordshire councillor John Broad have complained about the “sweeping and not justified comments” as extreme anti-motorcycle bias.

The inflammatory comments are:

  • “Statistical evidence suggests motorcyclists are a danger to themselves”; and
  • “Motorbikes are mostly still using fossil fuels to run, meaning they are environmentally unsound, not sustainable, and contribute to air pollution”.

Cr Broad says motorcycles are not part of the problem, but part of the solution to traffic and pollution concerns, especially with the coming wave of electric motorcycles.

Anti-motorcycle bias

Melbourne's Elizabeth St motorcycle district discussion paper
Melbourne’s Elizabeth St motorcycle district (File photo)

Victorian motorcyclist advocate and Motorcycle Safety Consultant John Nelson says anti-motorcycle bias is not exclusive to the UK county council.

“We have a similar situation here with our City of Melbourne and the footpath parking issue,” he says.

“Also our Elizabeth St motorcycle retail precinct has all but collapsed. Many bike shops have moved to the suburbs or just closed down.

(Yamaha City is the latest to leave, heading for Port Melbourne.)

The City of Melbourne has planned a pedestrian and cyclist heaven without the consideration for the 110 year history of the precinct.”

Elizabeth St bias
Elizabeth St history

John is working with the council to recognise the history and erect a memorial with work due to start in 2023.

“By then, I expect to have a final presentation of the recognition/information piece to recognise the precinct for its heritage and contribution to the motorcycle community and our culture,” he says.

  1. Absolutely shockingly prejudicial comments from Oxfordshire County Council. In essence, they want to impose their own version of the London ULEZ, minus any combustion-powered vehicles at all. Further, it looks like they want to prohibit even electric motorcycles, simply because they are motorcycles. The way things have been going in the UK, if councils are allowed to have their way, each will have a different emissions-based prohibition or restriction regime in place. This is a trainwreck and it needs centralised government supervision. As it stands, motorcycles that are proved to meet Euro 3 standards, either by being made after 2007 or having a Certificate of Conformity or an approved NOx test certificate, are allowed to be in central London without being subject to a very onerous daily charge. What use is it if in the next city, 30 miles away, such “permitted” vehicles are prohibited entirely, or are subject to a completely different emissions standard? Worst of all, OCC’s proposals appear to be prejudicial and patronising towards the riders of powered two-wheelers, and to want to phase them out altogether. As a frequent rider (before the coronavirus lockdown) in Oxfordshire, I resent this sort of wanton despotism deeply, and I would have to assume it’s connected with Oxford University rather than Oxfordshire itself. These people (academics and intellectual-yet-idiot types) have no connection or contact with the real world at all. They have their deeply flawed theoretical models and they cause real harm with their constant, unwarranted interventionism in the affairs of individuals, society at large and the economy. Tyrants in want of a dominion. They are a solution looking for a problem, and, as human beings, they have their political bent as well. The actual problem that they won’t acknowledge is overpopulation and local overdevelopment leading to stress on infrastructure and transport. That’s the issue which is at the root cause of emissions in the UK, and, incidentally, it’s also at the root cause of viral pandemics. The UK is not their country to do with as they please. There are more people in Oxfordshire than these socialist fanatics, and there is nothing new about the town-and-gown divide.

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