Could Honda Bring the CBR300RR to America?

Honda CBR300R

A Light Weight Super Sports for the U.S.

A hot new rumor in the motorcycling world is that Honda could bring an updated CBR300RR to the U.S. soon. Publications like MotoStation and Visordown are both reporting that Honda may soon have a new CBR300RR that will take the place of the CBR250RR and come to the U.S. While Honda has not said anything one way or another, some folks out there think the bike will be revealed at EIMCA this year. 

The CB300R is the bike that the possible CBR300RR would be based on, according to Visordown. If that were really going to be the case, then you can bet that Honda will give the engine a good once over to make it put out more power. I’d also expect the company to do some minor upgrading to the other components of the bike and see if it could reduce weight any further.

As RideApart points out, there’s some stiff competition in this space. The publication points to the Yamaha YZF-R3 and the Kawasaki Ninja 400 as Honda’s chief competitors. To outpace the competition, the CBR300RR could get things like throttle-by-wire, slipper clutch, and quick shifter. Those upgrades would help put the CBR300RR on top, if it’s even going to be made, that is. I’m on board with this rumor. I’d like to see a CBR300RR, and I think Honda should make it. They have the basic bike already. All they have to do is make the CBR300R better.


  1. falcn
    September 5, 2019

    There is already a CBR250RR that is a parallel twin, why would they base the new bike on the CB300R a single?

    I hope they have more than 300cc or 305cc or they will get eaten again and be noncompetitive in the MotoAmerica junior cup arena where the CBR500R is legal since it is so down on power.

    The R3 is 321cc after all, and the Ninja 400 is seemingly ruling the class.

  2. falcn
    September 13, 2019

    I just read about the new 250 4-cyl Kawi that is rumored to be coming out, 60 hp in the unfettered model…

    I am so excited to see quarter liter 4-cyl bikes again if all this ends up being true!

    • darren-p
      September 13, 2019

      it’s a big if

      more likely it’ll be 40 hp and 180 kg

      there’s still a few proper cbr250rr mc22 out there to buy
      if you can find them

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