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Could a BMW Be Working on a F 850 RS?

BMW 9Cento concept
Image from BMW

Please Let This be the Mid-Size Sport Tourer We Deserve

In a recent BMW brochure for 2019 models, there was a mention of an F 850 RS sport touring machine. It would seem that BMW will expand its use of the 850 engine to other models. MoreBikes spotted the text in the brochure and that got the rumor mill spinning.

BMW should expand the 850 and make as many versions of the current bike utilizing that engine as possible. Why not? MoreBikes reported that it previously spotted BMW testing an F 850 XR/GT, so it would seem that the company is already experimenting with new models.

There’s no word yet from BMW as to whether or not these rumors have any validity. It would seem that if it’s in the brochure then it’s a done deal, right? Well, not necessarily. MoreBikes points out that it could just be a typo in the brochure. However, that strikes me is unlikely. Maybe it’s just wishful thinking, but I would hope BMW would spot that kind of stuff before the literature was sent out.

Even if it is just a typo, that doesn’t mean BMW won’t make the model. As we said above, there are indicators that BMW is working on new 850s, and a sport touring machine actually makes a lot of sense. BMW also made the 9Cento concept (pictured above), that was the precursor to the F 850 XR/GT MoreBikes mentions. 

No matter what you think is true, it’s a safe bet that BMW is working on something here. There’s a little too much evidence to suggest otherwise. MoreBikes reached out to BMW, but all the company said was that it doesn’t comment on future products. That’s not a no on the bike, right?