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Cop ‘harassment cost charities’, says UMCQ

Police Harassment in charity ride Hells Angels assault charge exonerated
Magic being shoved by the officer

Alleged NSW and Queensland police harassment of a motorcycle club charity ride on Saturday (March 3, 2018) cost thousands in lost revenue for various charities and businesses, says the ride organiser.

Hells Angels MC Brisbane Chapter member Jeff Ehler says he has a long list of police harassment claims.

They include:

  • Riders were intimidated before the annual Good as Gold Charity Ride in Brisbane;
  • The ride was followed closely to the NSW border;
  • Police crossed double white lines to disperse the riders;
  • At a roadblock over the border, police conducted prolonged bike checks and incorrectly defected vehicles;
  • Police performed “illegal searches” without warrants; and
  • Drug and alcohol tests were conducted in dangerously hot conditions without supplying riders with water or a toilet break.

“They even assaulted a veteran,” says Jeff.

We contacted police in both states for comment and charge details, but they said they could not provide that information on a Sunday.

Cost to community

Jeff says the ride was cut short in Woodenbong by the harassment, costing local businesses and charities thousands of dollars in lost revenue.

“We’ve made two formal complaints to police and have appointed legal counsel. We are going to follow this through to the end,” he says.

Jeff was also detained and arrested after refusing to obey a police direction.

“They held us up for two hours in the blazing sun without any water and even prevented us going to the toilet,” he says.

“I’m a diabetic and they refused to allow me to go to toilet, but I went anyway and they arrested me.”

Police task forcesPolice Harassment charity ride

Jeff says there were more than 50 police present from Queensland’s Task Force Maxima, NSW Task Force Raptor and Federal Police.

Jeff says 18 motorcycles were defected, even though some of them were “brand new”.

“Our main gripe is that charities have missed out because of this blatant abuse of powers,” he says.

Previous charities to benefit from the ride include 2011 flood victims, Cystic Fibrosis and Diabetes Australia, he says.

The annual Good As Gold Charity Ride has been operating for 26 years “without incident” and raised thousands for various charities.

Jeff says the patronage of the event has decreased from up to 600 riders to about 100 since the introduction of the so-called “anti-bikie” VLAD laws in Queensland in 2013.

“They seem to think they have the ability to do what they want, yet they know what they are doing is wrong,” he says.

“This will hamper our ability to raise money for charities in future, but we will not stop doing this event no matter what. If we only raise $100 it’s money that wasn’t raised before.”Police Harassment charity ride

Harassment claims

Jeff also claims the police harassment began during the week before the ride.

“Throughout the week, the liquor licensing division in NSW rang the venues and intimidated the publicans by telling them if they allowed us to come into their premises would come under serious scrutiny,” he says.

“They basically threatened their liquor licences.”

Jeff says they had advertised to all participants not to wear colours in Queensland, to ensure they had a compliant helmet and bike, and not to have any insignia on entering hotels.

He has called for participants to send any photos or videos to them via the United Motorcycle Council of Queensland Facebook page for use in evidence.

You can also send an email with contact details to Chris Main of Alibi Legal or Magic at Biker Events Calendar.


  1. This needs to stop. The people involved need to formally lay charges against this police officer and it needs to be followed through. Enough is enough. I hope you have a follow up story with news on the Police Officer responsible for the assault.

  2. Oderint dum metuant.
    Let them hate, so long as they fear.
    From Atreus, quoted in Seneca, Dialogues, Books III–V “De Ira”, I, 20, 4.
    that’s the new Police motto folks, beating up on Veterans is just the beginning, & the Police minister allows this to happen, his silence is assent. Next step? they come to your home…..

  3. Somebody high up authorised the expense of that many police on a Sunday. It would be interesting to find out which bureaucrat thought it would be a good idea. No doubt if it goes to court no government official will stick their head up and claim responsibility.

  4. Keeping people out in the sun, preventing people from going to the toilet (particularly those with a medical condition) sounds like a variety of torture to me.

  5. Dear charities, your better off without their money, an so is the rest of the motorcycle community, f@#$ them and the bike they rode in on.

    1. That was the motorcycle community dickhead. I’m a member of BACA (Bikers Against Child Abuse), and we had some of our crew on that ride, along with the Vietnam Veterans & Veterans MC, the God Squad & a shitload of social clubs or just social riders.
      If you think that actions by the police against law abiding riders are fair, and that many charities are now missing out on donations from the biker community, then you’re just as bigger twat as Mr Raptor 13.

  6. Good as Gold is a Hells Angels run. That’s why the heavy Police presence. They are Policing like this to get the average rider to stop going to 1%er rides. That’s it.

    If this was a local riders club (non 1%) out raising money it would have gone without a hitch.

    The Vets MC are swaggering around like a bunch of 1%er so they will get the same treatment I guess.
    (I’m a Military Veteran before anyone jumps on the outrage bus!)

    Also I’m guessing some of the bikes were defected, if you ride an illegal bike then you can’t complain when they ping you for it.

    My Harley is non compliant so if I get a defect I need to accept that. Simple really.

  7. Although the police may call it something else when you stop someone from leaving or proceeding to their destination that is called arrest. So all those bikers have a case for false arrest and most certainly deprivation of liberty.

  8. If that vietnam vet had pushed the cop in the same way…Instant arrest
    Should go for assault

  9. “Propaganda does not deceive people; it merely helps them to deceive themselves.” Eric Hoffer

    Think about that quote for a minute. Especially for the ones making comments about the clubs being harassed. Look at this comment for instance @ Jim.

    Personally, don’t know how it is in that part of the world, only what we have read here in the states. For an average Biker to take the side of any cop blows my mind. Especially with the Draconian laws that have been passed against bikers in those countries. What I hear @Jim saying is it’s alright for the Government to infringe on someones civil liberties. It’s alright for the Government to control who goes to a 1%er outing. It’s alright for the Government to profile a man or group because they wear a 1%er diamond. Even though they have done nothing wrong but put on a patch the government don’t like.

    I guess their propaganda war is winning supporters within the biker community over there. What @Jim isn’t telling you. Those that support this kind of profiling. One day those same cops will use this same type of profiling against you, just because you’re on a bike. Remember that the next time they have you on the side of the road harassing you for no other reason then you’re on a bike. When that happens will you be on supporting their actions? No, you will be out there raising hell because you were profiled for no reason.

    When anyone turns to the government for protection and security. What usually happens is a complete loss of basic human civil rights. So I caution everyone over there before they put trust in the government and believe the propaganda they spill. Clubs are just the tip of the iceberg with those laws. Soon the government will start applying them to organizations that have no history of crime. They will do it because they don’t like the organization’s standpoint or views. Think about how bad that could go.

    1. James,
      The laws here are very different to the USA I suspect.

      Things are very very different in the club scene to the way it was in the 80s.
      Speaking to some of my friends who are in clubs (1%) we all agree times have changed and the end of the 3 Piece back patch is near if the shootings and other high profile incidents don’t stop. I’m pretty sure you have the same issues over there.

      Please don’t give me the “First the came for the _______ and I did nothing” speech.
      I’m very well aware of what is going on and how it has been brought down on us.
      I stand by everything I wrote in my original post. It’s all fact.

  10. Police are here only to protect and serve. Not to intimidate and humiliate nor become a revenue raising agency. Get back to being servants of the people and gain back your respect.

  11. The footage provided shows the biker stepping forward and in very close, it provides a reasonable excuse for the police officer to push him away as he could claim he was in fear. If someone stepped up to me like that I would be inclined to want them to move back.
    It is easy to claim assault but another thing to prove you didn’t intimidate someone into an action or response.
    The video proves he stepped up to the police officer….go for you claim, I think it will fail big time.

    1. Me your a complete idiot. The two were standing in close proximity to each other to start with an when the VETERAN was told to move his bike he moved to comply. His hands were by his side till he was pushed then he raised then to stop falling over and immediately put his hands on his own vest. Watch it frame for frame and you will see that Rat Turd 13 was the instigator not the Veteran.

  12. Someone spends his time sewing “Police Raptor” badges on the back of his jacket. Where’s the Batman cape? That policewoman in shorts is a sight, isn’t she.

    Seriously, a friend’s house was broken into on Sunday & the police took ages to respond. You don’t see a marked police car around the suburbs for months & months.
    Police should be protecting the community from crime by having a visible presence in the suburbs instead of harrassing people on a charity ride who, as far as I can see, weren’t annoying anyone.
    It’s not up to the police to decide who’s allowed to raise money for which charity & who isn’t.
    Police Raptor, geezzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  13. Those officers where out to intimidate and harass.
    That they did, since when have charity fun runs been outlawed?
    State is treating these as illegal activities.
    Next comes prohibition.
    Australia is a democracy isn’t it?

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