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2012 Continental Tires

Continental "ContiRoadAttack 2 CR" Tires Dominate Classic Racing

Review Summary

December 2, 2012 – Motorcycle race teams using Continental tires won all classic races of the 2012 racing season. The ContiRoadAttack 2 CR becomes the favorites’ tire.

Continental’s winning streak at this year’s classic motorcycle races was crowned by another win at the last race of 2012, the Bol d’Or Classic in Magny-Cours, France, on October 20th and 21st.

The teams using Continental-equipped motorcycle race bikes came in first in all of the important Classic series racing events this year.

The Continental Classic Racing tire, the ContiRoadAttack 2 CR, is “ushering in a new era in this class”, according to the company.

In addition, Continental will be launching more new tire dimensions next year for the Continental Road Attach 2 CR.

Classic races are becoming more and more popular. Fame and glory can be gained at the most important competitions, such as the 6-hours race in Cartagena (Spain); the Bikers Classics in Spa Francorchamps (Belgium); the 4-hours Classic Endurance in Oschersleben (Germany); the 200 Miglia di Imola Revival (Italy) as well as the Bol d’Or Classic in Magny-Cours (France).

The classic racing scene is now dominated by the teams that rely on Continental tires — which usually applies to more than half the teams by now.

By making the right choice in the tire gamble, they found themselves at the top of the podium after all important races. For example, the Phase One Endurance team from Britain was able to distinguish itself especially; they almost always came in first or at least reached one of the top positions during the season.

Continental Road Attack 2 CR Tires Close-up

Conti Road Attack 2 CR Tires

In their heyday, the motorbikes were equipped with the diagonal tires that were the state-of-the-art at that time. Today, the modern and significantly more powerful radial tires give new impetus to the fleet of old two-wheelers.

The excellent grip — even at the limit — is achieved thanks to modern racing compound technology.

In combination with the special racing design of the Conti RoadAttack 2CR carcass, the zero-degree steel belt and radial construction unique to this class, it ensures supreme stability and optimum feedback when braking into and accelerating out of curves. The Conti RoadAttack 2 CR thus raises the bar for its competitors with regard to handling and feedback during racing operation.

The dominance of the tire is further strengthened by the tried-and-tested Continuous Compound Technology. It is based on a homogeneous grip grading with only one rubber compound. It facilitates a variable, rounded change of the lean angle from the zenith area when driving straight ahead to the flexible shoulder area, without compromising grip and performance.

Thanks to the newly adjusted “Black Chili Compound”, the racing tire is always in close contact with the tarmac and ensures maximum hold and thus an optimum control during races.

The great cold grip of the tires is also important when racing. Moreover, “Traction Skin”, the revolutionary micro-roughness of the tread surface, sustainably shortens the run-in period; ideal for the racing track.

This technology is based on a special, complex manufacturing procedure which is carried out inKorbach in the Hesse region of Germany. Separating agents are unnecessary, as the tire receives a special coating to give it sufficient structure before the race starts.

It is primarily the new carcass design which ensures an excellent grip level and increases the performance of the racing tire. This was achieved by adapting the time-tested 17-inch technology in combination with state-of-the-art technologies to the 18-inch racing version.

New Tire Sizes for the Continental ContiRoadAttack 2 CR

In 2013 Continental will launch new tire dimensions of the ContiRoadAttack 2, which will have “CR” (Classic Racing) stamped into the side flank.

The new front sizes are 100/90 R 18 CR and 110/80 ZR 18 and the new rear sizes are 130/80 R 18 CR and 150/65 ZR 18 CR .

Here is more information about the Continental RoadAttack 2 CR on the Continental Motorcycle Tires website.

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