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Connecticut House of Representatives Votes to Enhance Helmet Law

Motorcycle helmet

Adding a Couple More Years

Helmet laws are a controversial topic in many states. Every state has its own law about motorcycle helmets, and it’s important to know and follow the law in your particular state. In Connecticut, a new helmet bill just passed the House of Representatives. It would make all riders 21 years old and younger wear a helmet, according to the Hartford Courant.

The idea is that if the state can get younger riders to get used to wearing a helmet, then they will continue to wear one once they pass that age. The bill now will go to the Senate for a vote.

People in favor of such a law state that it allows riders to still make a choice about helmets while instilling the right habits early on. Other people say the new helmet law doesn’t go far enough and that Connecticut and other states should introduce a mandatory helmet law.

Everyone who writes for Web Bike World believes you should wear a helmet. Whether or not you have to wear one or should be compelled to wear one by law is another matter. Personal choice and personal freedoms are something that should be discussed and held dear. I’m not going to speak for my colleagues. However, I will say I think you’re pretty dumb if you ride without a helmet. Hopefully, Connecticut’s new law will help save some lives.