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Concerns over mobile pink slips trial

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That's an unusual pink slip!

A trial of mobile pink slips inspections could have issues for motorcycle riders, including being incorrectly fined for excessive exhaust noise or having their headlights set at the wrong angle, the motor industry claims.

NSW Minister for Roads, Maritime and Freight Melinda Pavey claims the six-month trial in the Illawarra, Sydney, Central Coast, and Hunter areas would ensure inspections can be delivered safely.

However, the Motor Traders’ Association of NSW has expressed concerns that the mobile vans would not carry enough equipment to perform accurate inspections.

Pink slips

Motorcycles older than five years require a safety inspection (previously called a pink slip) to renew registration.

Under the mobile pink slip inspections trial an authorised examiner will visit the vehicle owner’s location to complete the safety inspection.

The customer will contact a participating provider, agree to a call-out fee, identify a safe and suitable area for the inspection and a suitable time for the inspection.

Mobile inspections would make it easier for riders as they are done at their location.

Trial concernsnoise noisy exhaust pipes mufflers cars trial pink slips

However, CEO Stavros Yallouridis says they are concerned about the quality of the inspections and the risk to public safety of the mobile pink slips trial.

Spokesman Anthony Barac-Dunn says the mobile inspections could have specific problems in relation to motorcycles.

“The level of testing should not differ from fixed workshops as they have to follow the test procedure outlined by RMS,” he says.

“This is a difficult task for the amount of equipment that realistically a mobile van could carry versus a fixed workshop.”

He gave two example for the testing of motorbikes:

  1. Headlight aim tester – the equipment required is cumbersome and if the testing is not done correctly, this can present a safety issue in regards to the headlight being too low to be effective or too high and interfering with an oncoming driver’s line of sight when driving at night.
  2. Decibel reading meter – the concern that this equipment will not be available within the mobile van, and this could present the inability to conduct an accurate test of the noise of the motorbike exhaust which can lead to a fine being applied to the owner. The test procedure for motorbikes for the testing of their exhausts should be no different than provided at fixed workshops. 

Do you think mobile pink slips are a convenience or a concern? Leave your comments below.

  1. In all the years (51) of riding a motorcycle I have never ever seen a headlight aiming test OR a decibel meter used on any of my bikes. Testers just make sure the lights are in working order and the decibel meter is non existent . And yes I live in NSW. Have never had triple tree bearings tested either.
    The pink slip for bikes is a farce and money maker.
    Where I live if a decibel tester was used there would be very few bikes left on the road.

    1. Terry B. — yes I agree never in my 40 plus years of owning bikes have I had a headlight aim or decibel meter either. I would be happy with a mobile pink slip checker – what is the Motor Traders’ Association of NSW real problem here? Are the mobile ones not members of their little club and this is the real complaint 🙂

  2. Head light aiming is not a problem for bikes unless they have had a bad repair.
    But I see an awful lot of cars that seem to have the headlights deliberately aimed at the eyes of on coming drivers.
    Every smartphone has the ability to install a decimetre app so there goes that argument also.
    The most thorough inspection one of my bikes has gone through was one I bought as a wreck and repaired and the guy knowing it was repaired actually dug his headlight tester out and got me to sit on the bike while we checked it. And guess what? After having to straighten the top fairing and headlight mount during the repair and checking the alignment against a wall it was spot on! So all it can say to this nannies concerns is Phtooy!

  3. Someone in the testing industry wants to drum up business & has a friend somewhere in the govt

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