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Comoto Holdings Acquires J&P Cycles


Revzilla, CycleGear, J&P Under One Umbrella

I reported a while back on the appointment of Ken Murphy to CEO of Comoto Holdings. In case Comoto doesn’t sound familiar to you, the company owns Revzilla and CycleGear—two of the biggest online motorcycle gear and parts sellers out there. Now Comoto has purchased J&P Cycles, another large retailer of motorcycle gear and parts. This move puts three of the biggest players in the motorcycle gear space under one umbrella.

“We are thrilled to welcome Zach and the talented team from J&P Cycles into the Comoto Family of Brands,” said Ken Murphy, CEO of Comoto Holdings. “J&P’s decades-long legacy of exceptional service and selection are hallmark tenets of each and every Comoto retail brand and will remain a driving force behind our continued high-growth in the years to come.”

Zach Parham, president of J&P Cycles said that Comoto shares a lot of the same values as his company. He said he sees this as a way for J&P Cycles to reach the next level. Part of that “next level” will be for Comoto to integrate J&P into its platform. The three brands will essentially be working together to equip riders no matter the season or riding style. It helps Comoto become a more dominant force in the space, too.

I will be interviewing Comoto’s CEO Ken Murphy early next week. I’m interested to talk with him and see what this means for the future of J&P Cycles and Comoto as a whole. I’ll share his comments with you after our chat.