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Clown Motorcycle Helmets

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One of my most frightening childhood experiences that I can still recall like it was yesterday; sneaking in on my parents. (Not what you think).

One night, my older brother and I couldn’t sleep and we could here a movie playing downstairs in the living room. So we took it upon ourselves to go on a little mission and do a little recon spying. I wished that we hadn’t. Not only could we not sleep that night, but for quite a few nights after that. The movie that they were watching was one of the scariest movies of it’s times – “IT” by Stephen King. And as luck would have it, we peaked in on the scene the insane clown was in…. you remember.

hey kids remember me

Now that I’m older (not going to say), I can look back at it and laugh. But come on, who wouldn’t want to scare their kids given that chance right?

Clown Motorcycle Helmets

Some of these are airbrushed onto full faced motorcycle helmets, and others are hand painted on open face helmets. One of these made in onto the Top 50 Coolest Helmets of 2014 also. Regardless, wearing one of these on the streets will be sure to turn a few heads, and maybe remind a few adults of some of their old childhood nightmares 🙂

Here are a few more clown helmets by Airgraffix

Clown Face-Masks

When you are not a fan of wearing a helmet, you also have a few options for sporting the clown look. Handmade leather masks from a marketplace like Etsy. Here are just a few:

Or you can go with a thinner cloth style face cover like a Hoorag.

Or Neoprene masks that help block the cold morning air or rain.

Without custom painting a helmet or wearing a facemask, there are only a few accessories that you can either add to your own helmet like a mowhawk or a lightmode design. 

Happy clowning!