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Clover Beverly Women’s Motorcycle Jacket

Clover "Beverly" Women's Motorcycle Jacket Review

Clover Beverly Women’s Motorcycle Jacket
Clover Beverly Women’s Motorcycle Jacket Review Summary
Review Summary

Clover may seem like a strange brand name for a motorcycle clothing manufacturer.

It’s not clear how the name originated, but I’m told by my Italian speaking friends that “clover” in Italian means…clover in English.

I’m not sure what that tells us, but I do know that this Clover Beverly jacket is probably one of the nicest looking, most comfortable and best-fitting motorcycle jackets I’ve ever owned.

I’m sort of doubly surprised, because I didn’t expect that the svelte Italian sizing would fit my, um, decisively nordamericano sized body.

But either Italian women are starting to look like me (likely), or I’m starting to look like Italian women (not likely), or I have a completely unrealistic idea that Italian women really do look like those svelte waifs seen in the fashion magazines.

As much as I’d like to think it’s #2, I’ll settle for the latter explanation.

Clover is a popular brand of motorcycle clothing in Europe, and they’ve had their ups and downs as a company.

They actually disappeared from view for a while, but now they’re not only back, they have a distributor in North America.

If you haven’t seen any of their products, you owe it to yourself to take a look. Clover has always had a reputation for great European styling and high quality, and they’re now also featuring a line of women’s motorcycle clothing.

In general, we’re starting to see more motorcycle jackets and pants that are designed specifically for women, and that’s a good — no, make that a great — thing. After all, who wants to wear a dumpy “Unisex” sized potato sack?

My theory is that as more and more women-specific motorcycle clothing is designed and made available, more women will discover what a difference this makes, and the companies that are still trying to foist off unisex sized garments on us will have to either change or go out of business.

Women's Textile Motorcycle Jacket - Clover Beverly, Rear View


Although the Clover Beverly textile jacket does not come in numerical (exact) sizing, the size XL translates to my size 12 figure purrrr-fectly. If friends and family comments are any indication, this jacket’s a winner. I’ve had people tell me that it looks like it was custom made!  It may not appear so in the photos, but take it from me, it does fit like a glove.

But the best thing about my Beverly jacket is the quality of the construction. It’s truly a work of art — I’ve heard from others that Clover products are very well made, but this certainly proves it to me. The material, the stitching, the liner — everything about it has a sort of boutiquey, high-style look to it. Clothes like that make me feel good wearing them!

The texture of the fabric doesn’t show up in the photos, but it’s kind of a tiny gabardine that is really special. The gabardine texture is then repeated on the inside, this time bigger and with a kind of metallic plated finish, which just adds to the richness of the jacket.

Clover Beverly - Neck

The outer shell is made from “Nylon HT” and is supposed to be treated with a water repellant. There are two small zipper hand pockets on either side, hidden behind the front quarter seam. And the collar is made from black corduroy, with an attached belt and buckle that keeps it snug.

The removable “Valtherm” liner is relatively thin, but it’s breathable and does a good job of keeping me warm. Even the liner is special; it has a metallic dot pattern through it that looks great.

Make no mistake: this is not a heavy-duty jacket, and I’m not sure how well it would protect me in a crash, but it sure is a looker. It does come equipped with removable CE-approved shoulder and elbow armor, which must also be women-sized, because it’s barely noticeable.

The cuffs also open with a zipper and have a small Velcro tab that keeps them secured. The jacket opens with a full-length front zipper and also five snap buttons on the wind flap that covers the front. There is also a vertical zipper on either side at the hip that opens up to allow the jacket to fit when seated.

Also, the Beverly has a very thin piece of reflective piping along the upper back and a thicker section at the bottom hem of the jacket in the back. What’s nice about this is that they are virtually completely unnoticeable (at least on my Platinum colored jacket) until a light shines on them at night.

The Beverly comes in sizes from XS to XXL and it’s available in black, red or the platinum shown here.

Clover Beverly - Liner

Clover Beverly - Front Zipper and Liner

Clover Beverly - Side Zipper


I love this jacket — it’s beautiful and beautifully made. I think it looks much more expensive than it really is. I can’t find a single flaw in the stitching or construction, so I consider the quality to be perfect and about the best I’ve ever seen. Here are some photos of the Clover Beverly jacket.

wBW Review: Clover Beverly Women’s Textile Jacket
Manufacturer: Clover (Italy) Suggested Retail Price: $205.00
Colors: Black, Red, Platinum Made In: Romania
Product Comments: Seems to fit to North American sizes; the size XL fits me perfectly, and I’m a size 12. Review Date: January 2006
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