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Clean motorcycle helmet avoids itchy scalp

Clean motorcycle helmet avoids itchy scalp

If you suffer from an itchy scalp when you are wearing your motorcycle helmet, it could be because it needs a thorough clean.

Given how often you wear and sweat in your motorcycle helmet, it is important to keep it clean and free from bacteria.

Based on the Gear Heads Motorcycles guide, the lining of your helmet can actually absorb sweat and cause bacteria to breed in the warm, sweaty conditions.

That could be what is cause the itchy scalp.

We’ve already covered how to keep your visor clean in this article.

Now let’s see how to clean the rest of the helmet.

How To Clean A Helmet With Removable Interior Lining

First of all, determine whether the helmet you own has a removable interior lining or not. The ways they can be cleaned are different depending on that removable interior lining.

For helmets with a removable interior lining, here are the basic steps on how to clean them:

Step 1: Remove the lining and/or cheek pads and throw them into the laundry machine at delicate cycles.

Step 2: While it’s washing, clean the outside of your helmet with a soft towel/cloth/micro fiber and mild detergent. After that, you moisten it, put a few drops of mild detergent on it and wipe the shell of your helmet gently. With the help of the detergent, the grime and dirt will be long gone.

Step 3: When you’re done, simply wipe the detergent off with water until it’s gone.

Following these three easy steps, you’ll be left with a clean and shiny oil-free shell or helmet.

Clean motorcycle helmet avoids itchy scalp

How To Clean A Helmet Without Removable Interior Lining

If you own a helmet without the removable interior lining, here are some effective ways for you on how to clean them.

Step 1: Remove the cheek pads, breath guard, visor, etc. from your helmet.

Step 2: Once you’ve removed those items, get a shampoo. You might wonder why you should use shampoo instead of detergent. This is because dish detergent can be too strong and harsh for the helmet’s interior.

So, to avoid damaging your helmet, shampoo is the best alternative. Just put the right amount of shampoo on the basin, enough for eliminating the murky smell of your helmet but be careful not to use too much shampoo.

Step 3: You must fill the basin with lukewarm water because cold or hot water is a bad idea since they may cause negative reactions to your helmet. The worst case scenario is that it could get damaged, so don’t forget to use lukewarm water.

Step 4: Rinse it with clean running water to get rid of the excessive dust or dirt from your helmet. You wouldn’t want it to be dipped and scrubbed with the same contaminated water, so replace it with a fresh and clean one.

Step 5: Dunk your helmet into the basin of water and soak it until it’s clean. Be sure all of the helmet’s parts are submerged into the water so there won’t be any shampoo and dirt left on it.

Step 6: Gently massage the lining of your helmet so that the shampoo can fully get rid of the dirt and smell.

Step 7: Once more, rinse out all the shampoo with running water and this time, make it as thorough as possible.

Step 8: Lastly, dab or pat the exterior dry with a towel or cloth to avoid water spots and then let it air dry. If you’re in a very humid or extremely hot climate, be sure to put it in a cool and dry place with a blowing fan or something similar to air it dry.Clean motorcycle helmet avoids itchy scalp

After it’s all dry, you’ll be able to appreciate its new sheen and hopefully no more itchy scalp.


Cleaning your motorcycle helmet can be a bit of chore but you’ll realise it is very well worth it. It’s also beneficial for your scalp since you spend hours under the protection of your helmet.

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