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Chinese rip off Triumph Bobber

Chand Jjang CJ650 bobber is a rip off of the Triumph Bobber - powered by CFMoto 650cc parallel twin

Chinese motorcycle manufacturers are not known for their unique designs and this latest rip off is another example of a classic copy.

Looking like a Triumph Bobber, the  Chand Jiang CJ650 is powered by a 650cc parallel twin from Chinese compatriot CFMoto.

Triumph Bonneville Bobber is a styling hit rip
Triumph Bobber

We asked Australian CFMoto importers Mojo Motorcycles about the bike and they said they had not seen it before and had no intention of importing the bike.

CFMoto has a range learner-capacity bikes, but is planning to launch into larger capacity bikes.

Click here to read all about their upcoming models.

CFMoto V.02-NK concept bike capacity rip
CFMoto V.02-NK concept bike

CFMoto bikes are now designed by Austrian design house Kiska which also designs KTM bikes and the Chinese company last year signed an agreement with KTM to work on developing larger capacity models.

However, apart from the CFMoto engine, this CJ650 has no other involvement with CFMoto, Kiska or KTM.

Chinese rip off Russians

Chand Jiang is better known for making military sidecar outfits with boxer engines that are a rip off of the Russian Ural.

However, the engines are no longer compliant with emission controls.

So the company sought the CFMoto engine and changed their design substantially to reflect the popular Triumph Bobber, except for its clever mono shock rear suspension.

Chand Jjang CJ650 bobber is a rip off of the Triumph Bobber - powered by CFMoto 650cc parallel twin
CJ650 as a solo bike and outfit

It is also expected to come with a sidecar option.

But don’t expect to see it imported here any time soon.i

  1. I’m sorry Mark but I need to disagree with you here.

    Just because another company, from China, made a motorcycle that looks similar to another one does not make it a rip off. Also, the suspension is not the only difference is you look closer.

    Also, would you say the same for the Suzuki Gladius and Ducati monster?
    Or the KTM Super and the Ducati Streetfighter?
    Or all the adventure bikes and dirt bikes?

    Also, Ural is not the only bike manufacturer that makes sidecar bikes. Just because they will make one doesn’t mean is a rip off.

  2. Triumph Sprint is still made & sold in Europe where it’s quite popular but the Morris Dancers responsible for distribution refuse to sell it here, dealers & customers both cranky about this. I’m hoping CFMoto make a copy & teach them a lesson.

  3. strutharama! teardrops are falling into my mug of ‘dirty annie’
    here was I, here I am? anyway I am here now, & there they are, trying to beat to poms @ their own game, & the Russians too! & I read that they are not being imported here anytime soon, I would have brought one. (pick who read the Smith book)

  4. Considering the Triumph “Bobber” is a blatant copy of 17 000 other hard tail Trumps out there, it a bit rich to call this bike a “rip off”.

  5. Virtually EVERYTHING the Chinese make is a rip off of something else. Part of the reason they can make things cheaply is they save on design, research and development. I had a Great Wall 4WD, which is a rip off of a Holden Colorado. It was so blatant you could even swap parts, like the doors and they would fit perfectly. I have a Norinco lever action rifle that is a rip off of a Winchester, same deal, you can actually use Winchester parts in it. At least this only resembles a Bobber, it`s not a total clone!

  6. Seems like a display of ignorance here. The Russians offered their obsolete M72 tooling to the Chinese when they no longer had any use for it. With technical support from the USSR, CJ750 production commenced in Nanchang in the late fifties. (Various sources cite dates ranging from 1957 to 1961.)

    CJ750s, depending on whether any modernization is incorporated or not, have plunger rear suspension – or the later form of the XJ750B (Plastic Chang) with its more Ural-like sloping rear frame with upwards-juting springs & shocks (reminiscent of the mid-60s BMW) connected to a swing arm.

    This current Chand Jiang CJ650 features a rear frame similar to the XJ750B (Plastic Chang) and it could just be that having the low frame combined with sprung (tractor style) seat works well with this machine’s intended use

  7. Chinese bikes are garbage… pure and simple. Doesn’t matter what the other bike they “look like” is – they’re simply junk and on par with disposable diapers.

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