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Changing – Balancing Motorcycle Tires

Changing – Balancing Motorcycle Tires

How to Change Motorcycle Tires: wBW review of the No-Mar Motorcycle Tire balancer and tire changer  |  Descriptions and instructions on changing motorcycle tires  |  Link to the Adam Glass’ website article onMotorcycle Tire Changing – everything you need to know about changing motorcycle tires  |  Mounting and balancing motorcycle tires  | Balancing motorcycle tires including homemade balancing equipment; BMW-specific wheel adapters; “pocket” wheel balancers and other sources of balancing equipment and information by Anton Largiader

Motorcycle Tire Changing Tools and Equipment:  You’ll need a bead breaker; tire levers; and a wheel balancer type balancing stand. Don’t forget – you’ll need an air compressor also! (although I do it with a 2-stage Zefal hand pump!)

Bead Breakers – Tire Irons:  wBW article on the “Poor Man’s Bead Breaker”  |  J&P Cycles has some big, hefty tire irons in small, medium and long sizes and some even have soft grips   |  Motion Pro tire levers for dirt bikes and dirt bike tire bead breakers among many other motorcycle tools

wBW Reviews of Motorcycle Tire Changers:  Cycle Hill Motorcycle Tire Changer  |  Change & Balance a Motorcycle Tire  |  No-Mar Motorcycle Tire Changer Review  |  el Cheapo Bead Breaker  |  Motorcycle Wheel Straightening  |  Changing Triumph Motorcycle Tires

Wheel Weights:  All types of motorcycle wheel weights for cast wheels and spoked wheels and other tire changing equipment are manufactured by Franken Industrie in Germany (in German and you have to search around the site a bit to find things  |  Really cool cast wheel weights in different shapes at Metal Arts (wBW ReviewNote: their website wasn’t working last time I checked, are they still in business?

Tire Changing Equipment:  Just about everything you need, including a bead breaker; tire irons; balancer; rim protectors and weights available from TireQwik

Motorcycle Stands & Jacks:  See the Motorcycle Stands, Lifts and Chocks section of the wBWMotorcycle Products and Accessories page for information on bike stands and jacks for motorcycles without a centerstand  |  See also the wBW Review of the Steel Horse rear swingarm stand and the front wheel stand

Motorcycle Tire and Wheel Balancing Equipment:  wBW reviews of the portable wheel balancerand also a balancing stand  |  Tachyon Wheel Balancer Review  |  Motorcycle Tire and Wheel Balancer Review

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From “A.G.” (May 2012): “(For tire and wheel balancing) I use a rope threaded through the axle hole so that the wheel can hang parallel to the floor. Weight is added to the high side of the wheel until the wheel is parallel to the floor (or perpendicular to the rope). Stick-on lead weights work great for this.

A funnel can be inserted into each side of the axle hole to center the rope in the axle hole to help eliminate any moment or torque due to the rope not being perfectly in the center of the axle hole. I’ve found this method to be quicker, effective and a lot cheaper than any other method.”

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