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CFMoto stars at Honda ST rally

CFMoto 650TK motorcycle discount
CFMoto 650TK is the flagship of the fleet

The CFMoto 650TK sportstourer not only looks like a Honda ST1300, but ageing ST owners are now considering the lighter version. So much so that the Australian Honda ST Owners Club has invited Mojo Motorcycles, importers of the Chinese brand, to bring the 650TK out to their National Rally lunch at the Blackwood Hotel, Victoria, to show off to their members.

Australian Honda ST Owners Club at 2013 rally
Australian Honda ST Owners Club at 2013 rally

It was all Graham Strang’s idea after speaking with members. “The reasoning behind this is that we have a large amount of older riders who once the ST gets too heavy for them they are looking for something to replace that is lighter,” Graham says. “The 650TK is right in the mix to do that and the price is excellent value. I read a review by some long-distance riders giving it an excellent rating, and also had a comment how it would suit the older rider looking for the lighter bike or a female rider. We have a number of our pillions who are getting into bikes and are looking for something they can buy that means they can tour with partners/husbands. We then approached CFMoto to see if they would be interested in helping us out.”

It must be the first time a model owner’s group has asked another manufacturer to bring along their bike to a rally. Not sure how a Japanese motorcycle brand will feel about a Chinese motorcycle company muscling in on their territory, but we may as well get used to it. CFMoto has already snuck in as the ninth-top-selling motorcycle brand in Australia.

The Australian ST Owners Club National Rally will be held on March 21-23 in Ballarat, Victoria. They have more than 100 registered for the rally out of 670 members Australia-wide and even have ST riders attending from the USA this year.

  1. You may recall I bought a CF Moto/WK Bikes 650 TR/TK last Sept 2013 in the UK, regrettably I had so many problems with it that I had to sell it at a huge loss after 8 months.

    The only things that I need up liking about the bike were the looks and the fuel economy, the handling was so, so. But over all had so many issues, the main one being petrol fumes/vapours there all the time. Moreover within the first 2K miles the Head Race bearings had to be replaced as it was so badly worn. I did mention it felt odd after I picked it up.. Even after the first 600 miles service I was told it was ok. Then when I went to PX the bike to a multi main dealer the mechanics do a pre offer inspection picked up on the fault they said it was dangerous and needed fixing ASAP.

    The bearing was replaced but the bike never felt the same. It actually felt safer with the faulty headrace bearing.

    The petrol fume/vapours were so strong I was concerned about my health and safety from fire risk… despite going back to the dealer on 5 separate occasions they kept insisting that there was nothing wrong.

    In the end I took a huge loss and PXd it for a new Yamaha best thing I did, it was a very poor experience I had, with the CF Moto/WK Bikes. I am not saying that they will all be like that, however my experience with them has put me off them.

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