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CFMoto 650NK long term wrap

CFMoto 650NK

It’s been a fun six months on the CFMoto 650NK and it was a sad day when I returned it to its rightful owners recently.

In that time, it put a grin on my face and I had very few complaints. The main point is that I am now recommending this bike to friends and readers. It would make a great second bike for commuting and weekend runs up the mountain or a great first bike for novices with its flexible and forgiving engine.


The 650NK proved very reliable and changed my mind about Chinese production – well, at least, this Chinese motorcycle manufacturer.

Its build quality is good and there were very few problems that surfaced.

You can read my other 650NK reviews by clicking on the links below, but I can sum up the bike with a list of “grins” and “gripes”.


  • Just riding the 650NK put a grin on my face. It’s light and nimble with a revvy engine that has plenty of life for just 41kW.
  • The 6-speed transmission his slick and quick with an easy neutral and no false neutrals.
  • Styling is modern and looks a little like the Kawasaki ER-6n. Some people actually thought it was a Ducati because of the trellis frame.
  • Build quality is very good. It even has pre-drilled holes for oggy knobs while the welding and materials are top notch.
  • Brakes don’t have a lot of bite, but they have good feel thanks to the steel braided lines.
  • The Conti tyres have plenty of grip for good lean angles and no chicken strips.


  • The vibey engine makes the mirrors blur. They need better isolation.
  • The rear shock is a bit choppy over irregular surfaces. A replacement wouldn’t cost much.
  • The indicators didn’t always switch off, so I got into the practice of always checking they cancelled, which isn’t a bad habit to get into.
  • The tacho spun out to the redline on some occasions for no reason at all. Might need a tweak at the next service.

These are very minor gripes for a bike that costs only $7290 on the road. If that’s still a bit steep for you, there is also a limited-edition 650NKS with different brakes, slightly modified styling and Chinese tyres that costs only $5990 ride away.

A big thanks to importers Mojo Motorcycles for the opportunity to give this new brand a thorough and long test. that shows their commitment and faith in this emerging brand.