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How can police wear helmet cameras?

Police cops speed speeding charity ride helmet cameras modular

If police are fining riders for wearing helmet cameras, how can police wear them without breaking the road rules?

The question has been asked by Australian Motorcycle Council representative Guy Stanford who says SOME police are misinterpreting the helmet standards and applying them to riders to harass them.

“They don’t know what they are doing and just pretending they understand the standards,” he says.

“But all they are doing is causing confusion and bringing the police into public disregard.”Annual police speed crackdown

Police are bound to road rules as are all motorists and only allowed to speed while responding to priority one or two jobs and to go through a red light after stopping to ensure it was safe to do so.

If wearing a helmet camera is interpreted as breaking the road rules, then aren’t police also breaking the road rules, unless they only wear them when responding to emergency situations as above?

We asked NSW police that question as they seem to misinterpreted the helmet standards and have fined at least two riders.

The following response was attributed to a NSW Police Spokesperson: “NSW Police continue to use a range of technology for the benefit of road safety.”   NSW Police helmet bluetooth - helmet camera road rage helmet cameras

That really means nothing, but it is believed that NSW police have stopped issuing fines to riders for non-compliant helmets based on attachments and an official position on the issue is pending.

Meanwhile, Victorian police have also fined riders for wearing helmet cameras, but their police do not wear them.

Guy says riders need the road rules clarified to remove confusion over use of “attachments” by riders and police.

He says there is no evidence of increased rider injuries due to use of cameras on helmets and that testing of helmets with cameras appears inconclusive.

If a link was ever established, Workplace Health and safety would probably immediately require police to move the cameras from their helmets and trigger a change to road rules, he says.

  1. A perfect example of,
    Don’t do as I do,
    Do as I say.

    As always.
    Ride free, ride safe.

  2. Mark. Do they just target cameras in NSW and Vic or is it any attachement. I am going to Melbourne for work for three months and have a Sena headset and a Sena headset with camera. Do you or your readers from Victoria recommend both be removed from my helmets.

    1. Hi Stephen,
      We believe NSW police have backed off, but Victorian police are still hot on attachments.
      We can’t say whether they would be interested in Bluetooth units, but their concern is the size, not function.

  3. Having ridden extensively in both NSW and Vic., it is my experience that in general the Victorian police are more aggressive in both policing and interpretation than their NSW counterparts. We’ll see if that changes with the retirement of Andrew Scipione as commissioner.

  4. I don’t get it, you need to know if the helmet you have can be painted,etc yet the police can have their helmets painted?????
    Am i missing something here.

  5. All motorcycle riders should be allowed cameras on their helmets. For reviewing at a later date. So many dangerous drivers out there.

  6. The exact same way they are allowed to use a mobile phone whilst driving. There are two laws in this country.

    1. It’s not that there is two laws, There isn’t, What it is is NSW road rule 305 which basically says that Police and emergency vehicles are exempt from the road rules

  7. We asked NSW police that question as they seem to misinterpreted the helmet standards and have fined at least two riders.

    The following response was attributed to a NSW Police Spokesperson: “NSW Police continue to use a range of technology for the benefit of road safety.”
    If the above is the correct answer than surely a motor bike rider should be allowed to also use a helmet cam because it is used to benefit the safety of the rider and as evidence in the case of a road accident that could prove that the ride did or did not do the correct thing before and during the incident . You only need to look at something like Dash Cams Australia and see the amount of cars that turn in front of bikes, run them off the roads because they don’t look for a motorcycle and that should justify having a cam on your helmet or built onto the bike. Meanwhile ride safe and enjoy guys.

  8. I am wholly and solely in agreeance that riders should be able to have cameras attached…
    They provide both safety and evidence gathering for the rider, I have been riding for over 25 years and I think they are a great option for those who choose to use them….
    Can we all stick to the topic at hand of finding the relevant info and getting requirements and answers without the cop bashing…
    For the information of the grossly misinformed people making comments, police can and do use mobiles whilst driving for your protection and your safety….. many a time you are racing to an urgent job trying to save a person’s life ( maybe even a rider down ) and you can’t access the radio as up to 15 cars from 4 different LAC’s are broadcasting so you use your phone instead….
    Not like they’re having a chat all shift whilst driving, it’s about access of information to help save lives and protect you, the public…
    Police are exempt for this reason, so whilst I agree with the helmet camera issue and I hope common sense prevails, please stop with the cop bashing…
    Remember who it is you call when you need help….. especially when a car driver smashes into your bike….

  9. It is good that you pointed out there is no proof of heightened rider injuries because of the use of helmets with cameras. Since that is the case, definitely many will be encouraged to use that kind of helmet for the sake of road safety as that is a new technology also being adapted as an additional safety measure. In case my cousin will know about that, he will likely use that stuff also and I will tell him about this.

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