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Can you love your motorcycle too much?

Can you love your motorcycle too much?
2017 Suzuki GSX-R1000

If you love your motorcycle so much you want to have sex with it, then you are a mechanophiliac. Don’t laugh. It’s real. And it’s illegal in some countries.

Brit Kevin Chapman, 33, is facing court  for allegedly attempting to have sex with a Suzuki GSX-R. It’s obviously a love-hate relationship as he was earlier seen punching and kicking the bike.

This follows the recent case of a Thai man, 26, arrested after CCTV footage showed him “having sex” with three motorcycles. One victim said her motorcycle was “raped” twice after the man cut a hole in the motorcycle seat.

Police said the man admitted assaulting the motorcycles because he was drunk and needed release. He was charged with damaging property and obscenity.

Similarly, the Brit claims he was drunk, dropped his trousers and was pushed on to the bike.

Look, we get it. Bikes can be very sexy.

Just look at the MV Agusta F4 with those lusty exhaust pipes!

Can you love your motorcycle too much?
MV Agusta F4

However, having sex with a motorcycle is treated as a crime in some nations.

For example, if found guilty, Mr Chapman could be placed on a sex-offenders’ register.

He has pleaded not guilty and will face trial on June 13.

In most countries sex with a motorcycle would be treated as indecent exposure if done in public.

So, by all means love your bike, but keep the garage door closed!