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Call for lane filtering education campaign

lane-splitting lane filtering tailgater education campaign

A public education campaign should be mounted to educate motorists that motorcycle lane filtering is legal in several states and the ACT and is a benefit to all motorists, not just riders.

That’s the result of our online poll of readers which attracted more than 2400 votes.

We asked riders if motorcycle lane filtering has been a success or a failure since it began operating about 18 months ago in the three eastern mainland states and the ACT.

We gave readers 11 statements about lane filtering and asked them to nominate which they agreed with, as well as asking for their own comments.

Topping the poll was the statement “Drivers need to be educated that lane filtering is legal”, attracting almost 15% of the votes.

It was closely followed by “Drivers need to be educated that lane filtering eases traffic congestion” and “Laws should be the same in every state” with more than 13%.

Riders want the laws in every state (12.5%), but are largely satisfied that the fines aren’t too hefty (only 6.9%), the laws aren’t too restrictive (6.9%) or that novices should be allowed to ride (3.3%).

However, there is a 10.6% call for a forward stop line at the lights so riders can filter to the front and have somewhere to safely stop.

Lane filtering lane splitting stop lines report education
Advanced motorcycle stop lane in Spain

The results of the poll will be sent in an email to all state and federal Transport and Road Safety ministers and shadow ministers for their comments. We will publish any replies we receive.

Riders have largely welcomed lane filtering with only 1.3% saying it made them feel unsafe, even though several reported being raced by motorists at the traffic lights or blocked from filtering by aggressive motorists.

Some of the other comments were interesting, including:

  • Drivers need to be aware to stay in their lanes to allow filtering;
  • The allowable speed should be a difference rather than a set maximum speed of 30km/h;
  • Cars should move when stationary to let us pass safe;
  • Push bikes seem to be able to do anything, even ride without helmets;
  • Laws need to be relaxed a little more to make it clearer and easier to filter;
  • Cars should be required to move stop as far away from the centre line as practicable to allow safe filtering;
  • Riders are now taking more risks and exceeding the speed limit for filtering;
  • Tunnels and other tolled roads should be free for bikes;
  • Filtering in breakdown lines permitted;
  • Punish drivers for motorcycle harassment ie racing of lights door opening, using vehicle to block; and
  • Bike lanes should be open to motorbikes.

We had one driver who obviously isn’t happy with filtering riders: “Riders should not filter to the front, pull in front of cars and then not take off faster than the cars.”

Tough Trumpies, my friend!


Answer Votes
It makes me feel safer
It makes me feel less safe
Drivers need to be educated that lane filtering is legal
Drivers need to be educated that lane filtering eases traffic congestion
Laws should be the same in every state
All states and territories should permit filtering
Novice riders should be allowed to filter
The laws are too restrictive about where you can’t filter
The fines are too hefty
Riders should have a forward stop line at the lights
There should be a delineated central filter lane at traffic lights


  1. One of my pet hates whether I’m riding or driving is those absolute f–King morons who see an empty spot at the lights and jump into it often they cut you off to do it but what’s worse is nine times out of ten they’ll crawl off when the lights change especially if it’s a lane that terminates in some way leaving you to squeeze into the traffic that’s now backed up because they’ve cut off someone else up front. These are the people who cause accidents and road rage and they are usually totally oblivious to what they’ve caused and then complain about how some biker broke their mirror for no reason.

    I think the complaints about cars racing bikes off at the lights come from under powered scooter riders and the cars are just moving off normally. I’ve had the occasional boy racer try it on but in most cases I’ve left them in a cloud of their own smoke just moving off normally.
    I was almost surprised by a woman in a range rover sport once it would have run over a few scooters given the chance and the way she was driving she probably wouldn’t have noticed, she had the kids in the car and a crazed look in her eye.

  2. To the obese, spoon-fed window licker on Kelvin Grove Road Brisvegas this morning in his Camry. Yes my life span is limited, especially by ill-informed simpletons like you. I was one of 4 bikes filtering and was 2 lanes away but I guess all 2 wheeled machines look the same?? Anyhoo, second hand wing mirrors can be found on Ebay for about $90.

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