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Caberg helmets online for Aussies

Caberg helmets
Caberg Doom and Tourmax helmets

Caberg helmets, makers of the world’s first flip-up adventure lid, are available for Australian riders in states where the European standard is now accepted.

Queensland, Victorian and the Northern Territory have legalised the use of international standard UN/ECE 22.05 motorcycle helmets and NSW is expected to follow in 2016.

However, under a conflict in Australian consumer law, retailers are prevented from selling these helmets, so riders either have to buy them while holidaying overseas or get them over the internet.

There is a vast range of high-class helmets available around the world that we will hopefully be able to buy soon if/when the consumer laws are amended.

One of them is Italian helmet manufacturer Caberg which is available online through Motorgear New Zealand.

Normally we advise against buying helmets online as it can be difficult to get the fitting just right.

However, Motorgear spokesman Tim Forster says they offer free shipping to Australia and a return address in Australia should the helmet not fit correctly or a different size is needed.

“Free delivery it is pretty much as good as buying within Australia except for a day or two extra time it takes to deliver,” Tim says.

“We have been selling Caberg helmets in New Zealand for five years now with great success as they are excellent quality, value and importantly safe.

“We have recently set up to work alongside as we have seen some progress in the laws in the various states in Australia.

“We still are forced to sell them from New Zealand into Australia to comply with Federal Consumer laws and to help with this we offer free shipping into Australia. Due to the pressure from various groups I am sure the laws will change hopefully sooner rather than later.

“As soon as it becomes legal for us to sell, obviously we will change this.”

Tim says he expects the Australian market to be flooded with cheap models when the laws change.

“I think once the dust settles the big players will remain as well as the smaller ones like us that provide good-quality, well-designed and engineered, safe helmets that are also good value,” he says.

Most Caberg models achieve five-star safety ratings on the Sharp UK independent helmet testing site.

Motorgear’s top-selling Caberg helmet is the flip-front Duke at $AU410 ($NZ445).

Caberg also make full-face, jet (open), junior and “demi-jet” scooter helmets, as well as the Tourmax, the world’s first flip-up adventure helmet.

All their flip-up helmets with a lever which locks the chin bar in the “up” position and allows you to legally ride with the chin guard open.

Mortogear is also the Australasian distributor for Octane apparel and Eleone boots.