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Caberg EGO Helmet Preview

Caberg EGO Helmet
Caberg EGO Helmet Review Summary
Review Summary

Caberg always has some interesting helmets, like theCaberg Sintesi we reviewed in 2010.

UPDATE 2: The webBikeWorld Caberg Ego review is now available!

UPDATE: Caberg to enter U.S. market? More in the Caberg HyperX Review.

Also see this Caberg DOT Helmets report from the 2011 Dealer Expo.

The new Caberg Ego take the Nolan N43 Air (review) concept one step further:

It adds a massive sunroof-type roll-top stainless steel air vent that pulls air through two huge chimneys inside the helmet for what should be excellent ventilation.

The roll-away top is said to be waterproof, another bonus.

Caberg calls it the “CASC”: Caberg Air Safety Concept.

The helmet also comes with a Pinlock anti-fog insert (review) fitted, and by the way, I have seen many more helmet manufacturers moving away from the pretense of putting an anti-fog coating on their face shields and using a Pinlock instead.

Nothing against Pinlock — they work — but c’mon. It’s 2011. you mean to tell me that no high-tech anti-fog treatment exists that can be put on a motorcycle helmet face shield? Do the astronauts use a Pinlock?

The Caberg Ego also includes the Caberg “Double Visor Tech”, similar to the Sintesi, which is one of the best anti-fog face shield systems anyway, so not sure why the Pinlock is needed also, although perhaps for extreme UK conditions.

The Caberg Ego CASC “roll-top desk” style air vent will probably never pass the DOT penetration tests, unfortunately, just like the Nolan N43 Air (review).

And since Caberg doesn’t officially sell helmets in the U.S.A., the North American market will probably miss out on what has the potential to be the best ventilation ever in a full-face helmet.

[UPDATE: Not so fast! Caberg says they think they can make an Ego to meet the DOT standard!]

The Caberg booth was packed, so I didn’t get a chance to talk to my Caberg contact; ditto when I went back in the afternoon.

So I’ll head over there first thing in the morning to try and get more info on the Ego and other new helmets for 2011. I’m pretty sure we’ll be able to get one for a webBikeWorld review also.

The Ego comes in a nice array of complimentary graphics also, with the standard white, silver gray and black along with patterns called “Colt”, “Ultralight”, “Brama” and “Mantis”.

The Mantis and Ultralight are pretty cool but I’d have a hard time choosing a favorite, I like them all! The helmet in the video is the “Colt” pattern in black and silver.

Here are some quick photos and a video I took. The helmet was on a turntable but it was inside a glass box, which created some reflections but I think you’ll get the idea.

Caberg Ego Helmet

Caberg Ego Helmets

Caberg Ego Right Side

Caberg Ego Top Closed

Caberg Ego Top Open

Caberg Ego Liner

Caberg Ego Mantis

Caberg Ego - Side View

 wBW Caberg Ego Quick Video From EICMA 2010 


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