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BST’s Hypertek Electric Motorcycle Is a Weird and Wonderful Thing

BST Hypertek

Impressive and Interesting to Look at

Sometimes weird electric bikes aren’t very handsome, like is the case with Cake’s motorcycles. Sometimes they’re downright sci-fi gorgeous. This is the case with BST’s Hypertek electric motorcycle. Despite being as stripped down as possible, the bike is still rather nice to look at. It’s odd, yes, but still handsome.

The BST Hypertek is more than just handsome, though. It’s a serious machine. the motorcycle features a DHX Hawk liquid-cooled MPS motor that makes about 107 hp and 88.5 lb-ft of torque. According to RideApart, the motorcycle can charge up in just 30 minutes on a DC quick charger. The range? Well, that’s pretty impressive, too. It’s 186 miles.

Other cool things include an adjustable seat, an integrated heads-up display that’s integrated into a special helmet made by Cross of Japan. Something else you should know is that it has a clutch. This is to up the fun ante. The bike’s clutch is a non-slipper unit and regenerative. Basically, you can “rev” this bike up and do burnouts, wheelies, and other goofy antics. The bike comes with wheelie and traction control as standard equipment. It also gets cruise control, hill-stop, and a sound generator.

BST plans to produce this bike in limited numbers but didn’t say how many “limited” actually is. The company also neglected to mention the price. Judging by the look and details, I would guess it’s quite high.