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Broken Roads to Siberia Is a Motorcycle Film Worth Watching

broken roads to siberia

An Adventure of a Lifetime

Adventure touring motorcycles let you go places and see things you otherwise couldn’t. The number of riders taking amazing adventures increases all the time, and it’s nice to see some of these journies chronicled on video for the enjoyment of others.

In the film below titled Broken Roads to Siberia, two friends take to riding the Vitim bridge in the far-out Siberia. It’s a video that showcases all of the remote places you can visit and all of the wonderful things you can do on a motorcycle.

The two friends traveled over 10,000 km (around 6,200 miles) through the Russian wilderness, Altai mountains, Mongolian deserts, and Siberian taiga. It’s a seriously arduous journey that’s fantastic to watch. The film is well shot and was posted in full to YouTube. We were tipped off to it via email and decided to share it.

I think it’s worth the watch. It’s relatively short at a little over 31 minutes long and is well edited. The interview at the beginning sets the film up well. The film has been selected to appear at many film festivals around the world as well.