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Britain to ban fossil fuel vehicles

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In 15 years, Brits will no longer be able to buy fossil-fuelled vehicles, only those that run on hydrogen or electricity … or whatever other fuel source is available in 2035.

While motorcycles are at this stage excluded from the timeframe, they will not be exempt in the long run. It’s just a matter of time.

It follows the recent announcement that Sweden will ban internal-combustion-engine (ICE) vehicles by 2030, while many capitals around the world are banning them from their CBDs.

In Australia, the Greens want a similar ban, the ALP wants 50% of new vehicles to be electric by 2030 and the Coalition projects 25-50% will be electric.

No matter what we decide, the matter would be out of our hands if the world stops making ICE products.

The writing seems to be on the wall … our beloved bikes are heading for extinction!

In fact, the British plan also suggests getting rid of all petrol and diesel transport from their roads by 2050.

Such a move is disturbingly presented in the dystopian film, The World’s Last Motorcycle, which depicts a future dominated by autonomous vehicles where motorcycles are banned not only because of pollution, but because of safety.

Vehicles banned

The British 2035 ban on new fossil-fuelled vehicles was expected to be 2040 with green groups wanting 2030 and the automotive industry going for 2050.

There is no exemption for motorcycles and scooters, despite them being a minuscule contributor to emissions.

The BBC reports that the main contributors to CO2 emissions is air travel, followed by cars wth one passenger, buses.

Motorcycles aren’t even mentioned.

As for roadside nitrogen levels, motorcycles are included in “other” at about 1%.British ban

Meanwhile, London has launched a car and motorcycle scrappage scheme to help low-income and disabled people move to “cleaner vehicles” and “greener forms of transport”.

Riders will get a £1000 grant to scrap their old motorcycle and £2000 to scrap their old car.

What a tragedy if old motorcycles and cars go on the scrap heap or in static museums instead of being preserved in working order for our future generations.

  1. There’s no point in making an exception for motorcycles, as the price of petrol will go up exponentially as will the disappearance of petrol stations. Time to embrace an electric future.

  2. Clean air in The cities is one thing that’s good but thinking you can eliminate all ice power is a practical joke.
    We aren’t ever going to run out of fuel to run them and if we stop creating cO2 we may actually kill all life on earth except for the few creatures that live near volcanic vents in the ocean. CO2 is essentially to life as is oxygen it is only a greenhouse gas because it’s used in greenhouses to help plants grow, its actually one of their essential nutrients lack of cO2 can kill plants and the tiny bit we emit will never kill us.
    Carbon monoxide is a killer but stupid people confuse the two don’t be stupid people!

    1. Every country that signed the Kyoto accord has not only met their target dates but the dates have been getting moved up all the time!
      If you belong to an English colonised country…..they r the model presented. Diesel is virtually eliminated from their roads currently. The people that were stupid enough to keep diesel vehicles…..are getting taxed to death for their arrogance and rightfully so!

      1. I can’t tell if you agree or not that climate alarm is just a ploy for more power by the kind of crazies that would still be burning witches if they had half a chance.
        Diesel engines can with little modification run very well on natural gas.
        They actually run cleaner than petrol engines. They can also run on what is normally considered waste oil cleaner than the stuff that comes out of the ground.
        That horrible deadly stuff they tricked people into thinking is healthy and used to be nothing but a waste product “Vegetable oil” is one of the best diesel fuels there is.
        Green policies of late have two things in common, they are actually bad for the environment and they are all a scam of varying types and motives.

  3. Time to move on. Get over it. The human species has made an extraordinary mess of this planet in a very short space of time.

  4. I wouldn’t worry too much. They have set that date purely for political purposes. There are huge hurdles to overcome that they are not even planning for. I’d say fat chance. Mean while the oil companies are building new service stations selling petroleum like there is no tomorrow. Go figure.

    1. Your call everybody’s been calling all those actions 3 generations of govt passed. Yet…..all deadlines every country set have been met! Pay attention or take a peak at how diesel vehicles have been ran off the road…..taxed! Most accurately.
      If u don’t pay attention you’ll be in a world of hurt in 20 years is north America’s targets!
      Congrats if u belong to “new Rome” or a colony of England…..u will be greatly surprised and super pissed off.

  5. I eventually want to tow a caravan around Aus, what electric vehicle is remotely capable to do this without stopping every hr to recharge?
    Massive hurdle right there!

  6. I’ll be getting around on my mag lift wheel chair by then , or my nuclear powered Insuan .

  7. Took the Brits years and 3 PM s to finally pull of something they voted for , no worries until 2075 at least .

    1. Hi Dolf,
      We contacted DOT and they have still not replied more than a week later, so I don’t have direct confirmation.
      However, I note that they haven’t ruled out fossil-fuel motorcycle bans, only the timeline may not be the same.

  8. People make pollution.
    More people ‘more wealthy people’ make even more pollution.
    Electric vehicles ?? Oh yeah- so we can breath ‘(temporarily improved)’ air quality while climbing our mountains of plastic.
    Ride lots so covid can’t catch ya.

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