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The smart brake light that could save your life

The brake light that may save your life tracker

This Smart Brake Module could just save your life. It illuminates even when you slow down with the throttle only and acts as a warning to tailgating drivers.

Smart Brake Module winners

We ran a competition for readers and subscribers to win one of these $125 Smart Brake Modules The winners, drawn at random, are Sheree Kelly, Carol McKee, John Calder and Peter Crumblin.

Avoid rear-enders

Rear-ender crashes involving motorcycles are too frequent, probably because we often slow down with engine braking, rather than the brakes. This can take following motorists by surprise.

So the makers of the clever Smart Turn System self-cancelling indicators ($160 plus shipping) have now introduced their Smart Brake Module ($125 plus shipping).Smart Turn System Self-cancelling indicator may save your life

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They had identified that many crashes are caused by riders forgetting to turn off their indicators. They also believe that many motorcyclists are rear-ended because riders don’t use their brakes to slow down.

We love motorcycle accessories like this that work and make our life a little easier and safer.

How it works

The Smart Brake Module uses the same motion sensor technology as the Smart Turn System.

It detects any decrease in speed, regardless of braking with the front or rear brake or just decelerating with the engine.

Spokesman Miha Ernstscheinder says the module will detect “even the smallest deceleration forces”.

“It activates the brake light when it senses a deceleration greater than 4.1kmh/s (2.5mph),” he says.

So it detects deceleration even before the brake switch activates the bike’s brake light, whether they have standard bulbs, LEDs or HID lights.

Two modes

It has two modes of operation – a steady brake light signal (the same as when you press the brake lever) or a “flashing signal”.

“The flashing signal is similar to the blinker frequency,” Miha says.

“It does not have a modulating effect like a strobe which can only be used by emergency services and police.

“Most safety schools teach or advise that you tap the brake lever when you are engine braking.

“That signals to the following traffic and increases their reaction times.

“The SBM module does the same thing, but automatically.”

(When you apply the brakes, the brake lights perform in the usual way as a solid light.)

It could be enough to save you from a rear ender.road rage tailgate tailgating rear-ender motorcycles BMW S 1000 RR lane filtering lane splitting

Miha says the brake light is compatible with all motorcycles whether they have standard bulbs, LEDs or HID lights.

“It is very small and easy to fit – not much bigger than a box of matches — and easy to hide under your motorcycle seat.”

Legality lights

Some riders have questioned whether the unit is legal in Australia.

Miha says the unit has Homologation Type Approval which is above the requirements of worldwide regulations.

“It complies with the unified standards which are standardised in all countries that are part of the United Nations,” he says.

“Thousands of riders have already passed their motor vehicle inspections in the USA, UK, Germany and Australia with the Smart Brake Module fitted.”

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  1. Rear-end collisions occur because the vehicle following is travelling too close.
    Bikes should have a speed limit at least 20ks above cars, that way they’d be far ahead & out of harms way.
    Problem solved, & all in the interest of road safety.

    1. Yes, motorists follow riders too closely, but it’s because they focus on the larger vehicles in front of motorcycles and keep their spacing from those vehicles rather than the motorcycle directly in front. Like most of the issues on the road, this comes about because of poor training, poor education, bad attitudes and learning to drive from Mum or Dad, who already don’t drive very well.

      Presumably, your comment about being allowed to ride at a speed 20 kph above that allowed for other vehicles is tongue-in-cheek. If not, then you are demonstrating the typical attitude of most drivers in believing you are better than everyone else, when in fact, by definition, 50% of drivers are below average, albeit that riders do generally make better drivers (but not always).

      1. Quite serious. Well-known by European safety experts (not the EveryKoverIsaKiller nutters we get over here) that separation of motorcycles & cars by allowing significantly higher speeds for motorcycles is much safer for motorcycles.

        Graeme, mate, you’ve been brainwashed just like the mums & grannies.

        1. Brainwashed? Not at all, but as a part-time professional heavy vehicle driver (as well as motorcyclist, aeroplane pilot, boat driver, forklift and tractor operator) I see some appalling behaviour on the roads. There are definitely areas where speed limits could be much higher, but in built-up areas or areas of heavy traffic, keeping speeds down reduces the trauma when the inevitable collisions caused by incompetent drivers do occur. I would like to see much stronger enforcement when people come around bends straddling double lines or do U-turns over double lines and other such stupid acts. I would also like to see enforcement when other idiots blind oncoming drivers with their fog-lights and headlights on together in clear conditions. If you have any understanding of physics, you will know that momentum increases as the SQUARE of velocity, so when poorly educated drivers or idiots cause collisions the resulting trauma is significantly increased at higher speeds. As for the “every K over is a killer” most of us realise that is just ridiculous.

        2. Tailgating epidemic is caused by idiotically low speed limits making donkeys think that because they’re on or below the speed limit everything they do is safe.
          btw, safest drivers are ones who travel above speed limits.

  2. Brake lights are one thing but people forget about indicators.
    I was in the cage today travelling behind a bike so I couldn’t get beside him to tell him or her that the indicators on the bike were as useful as a whisper at a rock concert. I had to actually stare at the left indicator to tell if it was actually flashing.

    1. I have a $ 5 unit connected to the highset LED brake light bar of my Venture. It strobes rapidly for 1 second, pulses 4 times for the next second then remains on while the brake is applied. The stock incandescent tail / stop light remains unaffected. This really grabs attention of anyone following unless they have their head up their fundamental orifice or are looking on the floor for the phone they just dropped.
      Problem is the boys jn blue may think it grabs too much attention and makes the bike too visible when braking. Caution: Mindless bureaucracy at work.

  3. Blinking brake lights in NSW are illegal, just as they are in some states of America. At least that is what I have been told by the RTA. They could not explain why bicycles can have continuous flashing rear lights but motorcycle can’t. However I have read extensively the comments regarding this issue and have yet to find anyone who has actually booked for having them. I have read from a number of people that have been pulled over because of them but in every case it was because the officer was enquiring as to where they were purchased from so that they could buy them for their own bikes. It just goes to show that some officers are smarter than the people that make the laws.

    If its a choice of being booked or rear ended than I would rather pay the fine. (Note I have had the experience of being rear ended on my bike)

    1. Hi john,
      Depends on your interpretation of blinking.
      To my mind that means on and off.
      These “oscillate” from bright to dull. They never switch off.
      As you say, I’d choose the fine!

      1. Mark, then it’s not a brake light, brake lights don’t go gradually from dull to bright repeatedly they go on and off. This thing would not pass inspection to get your vehicle registered in the UK.

        1. Hi Tom, the Smart Brake Module is actually a smart brake light switch that senses deceleration. It does not have a strobe effect. It can activate a steady brake light (as the original brake signal) or you can choose a flashing pattern, that is similar to the frequency of the indicators. Strobing red lights are reserved for emergency vehicles and some newer cars have it for emergency braking signal.

          Our solution was Homologation Type Approved under the UNECE standards, and the Australian ADR rules are harmonised with the UNECE regulations. Therefore the Smart Brake Module is road legal and it will pass any inspection. The Type approval mark is E26 10 R 05 1206.

  4. I can activate rapidly the brake controls and produce a strobe effect with the LED stoplight, that’s legal. If I fit an electronic unit to do the same thing it’s illegal. I can strobe the LED head and passing lamps with the factory fitted passing light light switch, that’s legal but if I fit a headlight (daylight only) modulator to do the same thing, that’s illegal. Seems like our bureaucrats have managed the leap from acetylene to electrics but are having a problem with incandescent to LEDs ?

  5. I’d love a freebie for my main bike, and if it works as well as described, I’d buy a couple more for wife’s bike & daughter’s bike.

  6. As long as I remember there has been constant arguments and heated discussions over lighting on motor vehicles. Many years ago, before the advent of mantuary headlight on a friend cobbled up a ‘flashing/strobe headlight on his Guzzi Le Mans, he reckoned it saved him on a regular basis, the only grief he got was people telling that their was something wrong with the bike! He and the Guzzi were contracted to deliver organ and blood from hospital to hospital around UK. He always joked that at least he never had use the bits and bobs in the panniers!

  7. Having experienced a rear ending this would go a long way to attracting attention BEFORE the accident occurs – a must for all riders

  8. When I had factory fitted side cases to my Ninja 650 it came with a second tail / brake light.
    I then replace the tail /brake light with an aftermarket tail/ brake light that strobes when I use my brakes for a couple of seconds and then goes constant (if I’m still on my brakes)
    It also has rear indicators fitted and I have set it up to ‘’arrow’ style turn signal (similar to most European cars)
    I still have my other indicators. I ride to work most days and fog in winter (I live in CANBERRA) means I want to be seen.

    I usually tap my brakes when I’m off the throttle in traffic – and if a driver is too close for my comfort I’ll wave backwards – most get the message and back off and those that don’t Imlet pass as soon as I can
    I love riding and never try to let idiots spoil my day – I’m always amused at hose that are rushing to get to work – man they must have fantastic bosses and wonderful jobs (not) and I’m always happy to get home late than dead on time.

  9. The light is a great idea, should have been out yrs ago. But no matter what advancements there are for the rider, those that have never rode, but only driven, will never show consideration for other road user’s.

  10. Been hit from behind 2 times . Back broken in 2 places and bike a write off . You need every advantage you can get . This looks like a game changer .

  11. Looked at something similar a few years back. Unfortunately it strobed and was deemed illegal. Good to find a legal option.

    1. Hi Adam,
      Miha tells us the module fits all motorcycles, but on the latest BMW R1200GS (2017 and 18) and the KTM Super Adventure 1290 (2017 and 2018) the unit will display an error message on the dashboard.
      The unit is road legal in all states. The homologation type approval is made under the UNECE regulations, and I have checked, the Australian ADR rules are harmonised with the UNECE compliance.

  12. I have the turn signal unit and it works beautifully
    So I would definitely recommend this companies product.

  13. WOW…one of these would be ideal, especially riding in heavy traffic on the Sunshine Coast.It would assist in keeping those ” tailgaters ” further back.

  14. WOW…what a great idea!!!……perfect addition to my motorcycle accident prevention….keeping at ” bay ” those tailgaters + advising all others following that My bike is slowing!!

  15. Since I first read this article I have attached a $19.95 battery powered bicycle rear light to the RHS pillion grab handle (2007 BMW K1200) and set it on slow flash while riding in metro area and lane filtering. I bicycle around the narrow winding roads in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney and we cyclists also need something that alerts drivers that we are on “their” road. Haven’t been pulled over or “advised” by the HP that I am riding illegally and I have ridden past HP cars on the M4/M2 countless times.

  16. The video would be a lot better if shown from a following vehicles perspective, as the braking lights don’t seem that bright.

  17. A breaklight that turns on and off at every little change of speed. Sounds like a potentional dangerous hazard to me. Car drivers will see your break light turn on 3 times (without you braking) and then just disregard it since it doesn’t seem to be correct.

    1. Hello Tim,

      the Smart Brake Module will engage the brake light when it senses deceleration above 4,1 kmh/s (2,5mph/s). It also allows to adjust the sensitivity of the module, so you can adjust the trigger in the way that suits you the most.

  18. Brake light modulators have been around for a while. They are a good idea. There are some good ones and some bad ones. Motorbikes have a special design rule for headlights on all the time. Modulators that dim then brighten a portion of the brake light for example the outer one third of the brake light while the central one third of the brake light remains steady have a valid case for being a safety device for motorcycles. After all cars must have three brake lights one left one right and one center. The same logic can be applied to motorbikes.

  19. I was very tempted by the Smart Brake Module unit then….. I discovered Vizi Tec SupaBrake-3 BMW specifically tuned for each brand & model.
    It’s plug & play…was fitted it in less than a minute (including removing the passenger seat)
    I’ve been using mine for 3 weeks & it’s flawless in operation 🙂
    Postage was lighting fast as well.

  20. > I was very tempted by the Smart Brake Module unit then….. I discovered Vizi Tec SupaBrake-3 BMW
    > specifically tuned for each brand & model.

    Interesting! I like that it works with CANBUS systems in general. One difference I noticed is that it appears to be triggered by braking only, not when decelerating by closing the throttle as the Smart Brake Module does.

    1. Yes it’s only triggered with brake activation, I personally don’t want a system that activates the brake lights unless I do.

    1. I have a 2013 BMW and this feature is fitted as standard. It only flashes under heavy braking. Apart from the brake light there are other things you can do to make yourself visible. A hi vis fluro vest or led strip lights is an option.

  21. Just pull aside, and wave them passed, or open the throttle and watch the flashing lights and sirens come on in the tailgater.

  22. I use a bicycle red led light at night. It flashes continually independent of brake light, if I think that’s going to help being rear ended then I will continue to switch it on. With winter on our doorstep its even more relevant , others will chime in its illegal, so what, I will argue differently if it increases my chances of being seen and not being hit by say 10% then that’s my decision.

  23. I’ve mentioned this before but I’ll say it again….I have an LED brakelight bar on the Venture (also LED Hi /Lo beams in the headlight with LEDs in the passing lights). My Roadliner has an LED stop / tail light stock standard. All the LEDs can be pulsed, flashed or “strobed” as fast or as slow as long as you like simply by flicking the brake lever or the passing light switch. My understanding is that this is perfectly legal. However, it seems, that if an electronic device is fitted to enable this to function when requested by the rider then it becomes illegal ??
    The next question is ‘ what constitutes “flashing” …is there a legally enforceable description for flashing ? …………nah nah not the old blue raincoat flashing thanks !

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