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Bosch radar aids all two-wheel riders

Bosch radar aids all riders

German auto electronics company Bosch has developed car sensors that will detect cyclists and will soon also detect motorcyclists who are filtering through the traffic.

The sensors were particularly developed to detect cyclists.

However, Bosch Australia spokeswoman Brooke Barr says they will soon also detect motorcyclists and scooters in those situations.

Bosch’s rear mid-range radar sensors will alert the driver before they open their car door that a cyclist or motorcyclist is looming upon them.

The system is active for all car doors and warns the occupants – even several minutes after the ignition has been turned off – before they carelessly get out of the vehicle.

The sensors are mounted to the left and right of the rear of the car to monitor traffic within a 20m radius.

It will even alert the driver of an approaching bike if they are leaving a parallel parking space.Lane filtering forum act extends bosch

Bosch also has a system that will identify smaller bicycles, scooters, motorcycles and pedestrians that suddenly cross their path, even applying emergency brakes. It will bring a car to a full stop from 40km/h.

This could prevent rear-enders for filtering riders who suddenly pull into a line of slow or stationary traffic.

“Driver assistance systems are the next step along the path toward accident-free driving,” says Bosch board of management member Dr Dirk Hoheisel.

“These electronic assistants are always vigilant and, in emergencies, they respond more quickly than people can. They provide support just where drivers need it – in busy city traffic.”