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Bosch Creates ‘Help Connect’ to Send Emergency Services to Crashes Automatically


Getting Emergency Personnel There Sooner

Having an ambulance show up soon after an accident happens is extremely important. If you’re riding alone it can sometimes be hard to call. Bosch created a system called Help Connect that will automatically call emergency services for you. 

Help Connect uses an “intelligent crash algorithm installed in the vehicle’s inertial sensor unit.” The system works with a Bosch smartphone app. That app sends location data and other information to a Bosch Service Center. If you crash it will automatically alert emergency authorities. It does this even if you’re unconscious, so if you get into a bad accident, help will still be on the way.

We’ve seen this type of technology before. Quin Helmets has a similar system installed on its helmets, and it’s interesting to see Bosch coming out with a similar system. This one is on the motorcycle and not on a piece of gear. Personally, I’d rather have a system like this on the gear instead of the bike. That way, no matter the bike you ride, you have it with you.

Still, it’s a good idea and neat to see Bosch jumping in to make it happen. The company will roll it out in Germany first and then spread it out over Europe.