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Boba Fett Motorcycle Helmets

boba fett helmet

Cool Boba Fett Motorcycle Helmets

Now Available! Spring 2017: HJC announced the RHPA11 Helmet will be available featuring the Boba Fett look.

Creation of Boba Fett

Boba Fett is a “cult figure” and one of the most renowned characters of the popular “Star Wars” series. Although he played a
minor role in the original trilogy he is still one of the most followed characters from the series due to the air of mystery surrounding his character.

He first appears in Empire strikes back and recurs in Return of the Jedi where he plays a bounty hunter employed by the villain Darth Vader and also hired by Jabba the Hutt.

In the later trilogy’s second part “Attack of the Clones”, it has been confirmed that Boba Fett was son of another bounty hunter who appears in the newer trilogy Jango Fett.

When the great Mandalorian Bounty Hunter and Mercenary Jango Fett was hired to be a genetic template for the Secret Grand Army of the Republic, he made an extra request that he be given an unaltered clone with accelerated growth and no behavior modification who he could raise as his son. This led to the creation of the Legendary Boba Fett. Jango wanted a true clone of himself who could be more docile.

Boba’s Early Childhood

As a child, Boba never went to school and instead gained practical training from his Father when he accompanied him on his travels. On one such mission to the planet of Kaut, Jango used Boba as bait to lure his bounty, which shows the undaunted combat spirit Boba had imbibed from a very young age. When Labor asked Jango, how he could put his own son in danger, the reply came from Boba who said ‘only a son can know his father’s heart.’

He was very fond of books, though, which he often borrowed from the local library. The books about the Starfighters interested him the most. He also attended other training sessions delivered by his father along with the other clones and learned the basics of combat that laid the foundation for him becoming the deadliest bounty hunters in the galaxy.

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The Rise of Boba

Boba had a great love for vehicles, and relished the opportunity to see Obi-Wan Kenobi’s Delta-7, when Kenobi visited their planet Kamino to uncover an investigation by questioning Jango. Boba helped secure his father’s Mandalorian armor in the tense moments and also helped prepare their ship the Slave I, for their escape.

During the Battle of Geonosis, Boba stood on the platform along with father and the other Separatist leaders, but was asked to hide upon the arrival of the Jedi Master Mace Vindu. The revolution in Boba came, when he had to helplessly watch his father being beheaded by Vindu. At the end of the battle Boba emerged and clenched on to his father’s helmet, the last that was left of him, Boba swore to avenge his father’s death and there began his pursuit of vengeance against Master Vindu.

Jango had also left Boba a book of further instructions, in the event of his death. The death of his father had taken a heavy toll on little Boba. The clone troopers took Boba to an orphanage which he managed to escape and gained access to his father’s rather large bank account. Following the instructions from Jango’s book, Boba tried to visit Jaba the Hutt, but in a run in with the Separatist leader Durge, which led the Gen’Dai to attack him.

The Hunt for Mace Windu

Burning with vengeance, young Boba convinced Aurra Sing, Bossk, and Castas to help him assassinate Windu. From here on, Boba came to be known as ‘Lucky’ when he disguised as a member of the Clone Youth Brigade who went to visit the Venator-Class Star Destroyer Endurance, where Windu was stationed. Boba displayed exceptional skills in the skeet shooting accuracy test and came to the limelight.

Boba failed in his first attempt to assassinate him, when he planted a tripwire-triggered the bomb in Windu’s quarters which was triggered by a clone trooper instead. This put the cruiser on high alert, and though not willing, Boba took Aurra Sing’s advice to bring down the entire cruiser by destroying the main reactor. Boba only wanted to kill Windu, but now had the blood of a lot of collateral damage on his hands. He managed to escape and tried another failed attempt to assassinate Windu, when he came to search the crash site, by planting a motion-activated the bomb in his father’s helmet which he left on the site.

Though filled with a vengeance to take down Windu, Boba still was a compassionate being who opposed Sing’s oppression towards the prisoners and also gave them water. Through his days with Sing, Boba finally saw her emotionless brutality and following a series of events when he finally came face to face with Windu; he admitted that he regretted his actions but also added that he could never forgive Windu and stayed in his prison which he later broke free from.

Boba’s career as a Bounty Hunter

During the Clone Wars, Boba assembled and led a team of Bounty Hunters, but was on a constant run after the events of the Quarzite finally finding himself in the custody of Jabba Desijilic Tiure, who took him in as a return of favor he owed to Jango. Over the years he again found his chance to engage in a battering combat against Windu. The fight was interrupted in the nick of the moment by Palpatine who reached an agreement with Boba who gave him valuable information and both of them decided to remain silent about it. A 13-year-old Boba was now a fully-fledged Bounty Hunter.

In an attempt at a normal life, Boba married Sintas Vel and also conceived a daughter, but the nature of his job strained the relationship which coupled with the turn of events forced him to severe ties with his family.

Eventually, Boba began working for Darth Vader, and his exploits prevailed through the Clone Wars and the Galactic Civil Wars until he met Han Solo, who saw Boba as the legend he was born to be. Boba eventually captured Solo and made a hefty bounty. His other legendary exploits included the Serenno Conspiracy, The Duel on Maryx Minor and the Ambush on Dargulli.

A Puritan, with his customized Mandalorian armor, Deadly weaponry, and silent demeanor, and most of all his iron will, Boba became the most feared bounty in the galaxy. Having worked for the Empire and the criminal underworld and in his stupendous escape from the jaws of death when he fought his way out of the Sarlacc Beast’s belly, Boba Felt became a revered Legend.

He was not only an exceptional Marksman but also an extremely adept unarmed combatant with tactical ingenuity. Allowing only a chosen few to see his face and keeping his origins coveted, Boba created an air of mystery around him and became a very popular and beloved character among all Star Wars Fans.

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We have worked closely with RevZilla, Amazon and 2Wheel over the years to provide our testers with products to review. They are all great partners and unique in their own ways, so make sure to check out their prices. Please don’t forget we may get a commission if you buy from them.

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