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BMW: The New 2023 Gear Collections

BMW's lid of choice...among the other plethora of options. Media sourced from BMW.
BMW's lid of choice...among the other plethora of options. Media sourced from BMW.

Did you know that BMW was was the first motorcycle manufacturer in the world to present its own complete rider’s equipment and motorcycle accessories packages? (via BMW)

Well, now you have a know-it-all ice breaker for the coming season’s drop-and-go rides – and, in typical form, BMW has gear to go with that…the world’s largest range of gear, in fact.

For 2023, BMW has accumulated over 100 products for the safety-conscious rider. From helmets, gloves and boots to rider suits, jackets, trousers, casual wear, functional wear and accessories, the Bavarians are going all-out. 

We’ll hyperlink the full collections further below, but let’s take a quick skim at what’s new for 2023:


Xomo Carbon Sports Integral Helmet

BMW's Xomo Carbon Sports Integral Helmet. Media sourced from BMW.
BMW’s Xomo Carbon Sports Integral Helmet. Media sourced from BMW.

Carbon composite shell meets 3D-shaped cheek pads, glasses easy-fit system, and a visor system with soft-close function + removable chin cover.


The “Hotlap” Jacket

BMW's “Hotlap” Jacket. Media sourced from BMW.
BMW’s “Hotlap” Jacket. Media sourced from BMW.

There’s no better kind of hide than nappa cow leather for the pinnacle in protection – and thanks to the elastic material in the shoulders/sleeves, you can add mobility to the list, too.

The “RoadCrafted 100 Years” Jeans Jacket

Celebrating the Bavarians’ anniversary in style! Featuring abrasion-resistant denim fabric and NP flex protectors, both of which complement the lettering and logo choices for this unit.

The “Schwabing” Jacket (Special Edition)

BMW's “Schwabing” Jacket. Media sourced from BMW.
BMW’s “Schwabing” Jacket. Media sourced from BMW.

Refreshed for BMW’s 100-year anniversary, we’ve got an additional cowhide contender, complete with NP flex protectors in the elbows and shoulders. 

The “GS Adrar” Jacket

Dedicated, of course, to the GS Adventure. Expect this lightweight jacket to work best in warmer weather, since she not only features excellent ventilation, but NP3 protectors on the shoulders/elbows/back and leather fasteners at the collar/elbows. 


The “KnitRace” Sneakers

For when you want protection, but style and comfort can’t be compromised. An integrated ankle protection and 3D heel protector mean that this boot is registered as a Level 1 for protection. Not bad for a 3D knit. 

The “Seoul GTX” Sneakers

BMW's Seoul Gore-Tex Sneakers. Media sourced from BMW.
BMW’s Seoul Gore-Tex Sneakers. Media sourced from BMW.

GORE-TEX® takes full front-and-center for this unit; combined with the oil/fuel-resistant 1K sole,  the integrated heel and ankle protection and the 70% leather, 20% polyurethane, 10% polyester, the Seoul GTX does its job and then some.

Here are the two collections BMW has gathered for 2023:

BMW RIDE Collection: Self-explanatory label for this particular rack of goodies, but you get the gist. 

BMW STYLE Collection: Because sitting on the Caps key is the only way to scream the necessity of functional fashion at your readers – and hey, we’re here for it. 

Excited to see the new 2023 gear roll out as we get closer to the turn of the year? We are too! Stay tuned, drop a comment below letting us know what you think, and as ever – stay safe on the twisties. 

*Media sourced from BMW*
  1. BMW: The New 2023 has the same problem that most of there gear except boots and helmets does. It’s single line stitching on the glove and BMW textile jackets . The standard is double line stitching. When my 300 bucks bmw gloves are falling apart due to single line stitching you ve got an issue. It was 2021 when BMW textile jackets got testing in a European motorcycle mag and they failed the safely test. When you compair BMW to other brands in the same price range you end up being better off buying something else. Add in that once the waterproofing on BMW Textile jackets fails BMW 1800 number doesn’t know how to help.

    1. Hey Dav,

      I love this insight – especially as I haven’t tried any BMW gear before (though we certainly have members here on the MBW team that have given some of these a test run, I’m sure).

      Thank you for stopping by; perhaps others can learn from your feedback!



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