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The Best BMW Adventure Motorcycles

Contents BMW History What Makes BMW’s Special? 2020 Adventure Lineup Our Recommended BMW’s Just hearing someone say BMW adventure motorcycles conjures up images of twisty mountain highways, steep dusty trails, vast deserts, and dense forest fire roads. BMW is the company that pioneered the adventure motorcycle segment, and it’s the first that comes to mind …

2020 Model Year

BMW Supersport Bikes

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2020 Model Year

BMW Sportbikes

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2020 Modal Year

BMW Standard Motorcycles

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BMW Adventuring & Touring Motorycles

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BMW News & Reviews

Hedon BMW

Expect Some Killer Lids in the Future If you don’t know Hedon, then you’re behind the curve. The company makes beautiful old-school-looking luxury helmets with modern technology and features and ECE and DOT safety approval. The company recently teamed up with BMW to make some special helmets.  They will be premium open-face helmets and feature …

BMW Vision DC Roadster

Some Fakery Here for Nostalgia Sake? The electric motorcycle shift is happening pretty quickly and more big names are getting involved. BMW is one of them, recently revealing the Vision DC Roadster concept. When the motorcycle was shown off by BMW, many said it looked horribly uncomfortable. I thought it looked cool. It’s also an …

BMW Vision DC Roadster

An Electric BMW on the Way? Electric motorcycles are here and the major manufacturers are now starting to take them seriously. We’ve reported on the big Asian manufacturers working on batteries together and various patent applications filed. Now it seems BMW is getting into the electric motorcycle mix. The company just recently released the Vision …

BMW hybrid

Battery or No Battery? You Decide Hybrid motorcycles are something that hasn’t really happened yet. BMW might be seeking to change that with a new bike. According to MoreBikes, the company recently patented a flexible gas tank. How does that indicate the bike could be a hybrid? Well, the flexible part of the tank would …



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